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Name: "My name is Ratfoot."

Past Names: "Ratkit and Ratpaw."

Future Names: ?

Age: "29 moons."

Gender: "Tom!"


Hunting 9/10
Climbing 7/10
Fishing Swimming 10/10
Jumping 5/10
Speed 6/10
Agility 9/10
Healing(for med cats and med cat apps. ONLY): /10


Fur Color: Dark brown and light brown

Fur length: Unknown

Length: Unknown

Height: 4'4

Eyes: Green

Disign: None

Other...: None


Mother: "Watertail." (deceased)

Father: "Tallclaw." (deceased)

Sisters: "None."

Brothers: "None."

Love life😘

Mate: "I don't have one." (Open)

Former Mate: "No one."

Future Mate: Unknown

Kits: "None yet."

Former kits: "None."

Future kits: "None!"

Crush: "I don't have one." (Open)

Former Crushes: "None."

Future Crushes: "Nope."

Current Clan: "Wetclan."

Past Ranks: "Kit and apprentice."

Current Rank: "Warrior."

Future Rank: "Starclan warrior."

Apprentice: (Open)

Mentor: "His name was Oakear." (deceased)

Art credits:

Personality: Brave,kind,and loyal

Likes: Starclan,Wetclan,and good cats

Dislikes: The Darkforest

Fears: Dying

Bio(has to atleast be a sentence): As a kit he got lost and a Wetclan cat found him he was a loner before know he lives in Wetclan.


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Quote: "Use your life wisely,you only have one."

Name: "Lightingstep."

Age: "27 moons."

Gender: "Tom."

Clan: "Fireclan."

Rank: "Warrior."

Personality: "Brave,smart,and loyal."

Mother: "Grayfoot." (deceased)

Father: "Stormear." (deceased)

Sister: "Whiteflower." (living)

Brother: "Shelltail." (living)

Power: "I can control the weather."

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Name: Bluespot
Age: 19 moons
Gender: Tom
Clan: Riverclan
Crush: (Open)
Mate: (Crush first)
Kits: (Mate first)
Mother: Snowpetal (deceased)
Father: Flame-ear (deceased)
Siblings: (None)

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This is a Rolls Royce from 1922.And thanks for the invite.

Hey everyone sorry I was not on for awhile I was very busy.
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