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SCADA Aware Alarm Notification Increases Response Time

Do you want to increase alarm response time? SCADA alarm notification is the answer! SCADA Aware Mobile is an answer for enhancing the viability of SCADA Software framework alert notice. The arrangement serves to adequately convey or oversee alert warning to a circulated, portable workforce; and spare time, diminish asset designation, enhance wellbeing, and expand information security. It gives remote access to the SCADA framework amid an alert, proximity-based caution notice for important person nearest to the event, and programmed logging for start, receipt, and affirmation of the notice. It has a committed application that encourages this for and through cell phone.

SCADA Aware Mobile conveys Read More…

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Increased Response Time with SCADA Aware Mobile Technology
When you hear the word SCADA, what comes into your mind? Alarm notification? Alarm response? Increase response time? Data Acquisition? Automation control? So what is SCADA? SCADA refers to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is an arrangement of software application programs for procedure control. It permits industrial establishments to assemble, screen, and process information continuously from remote areas with a particular deciding objective to control equipment, office, plant facility or conditions. Along these lines, SCADA frameworks can be coined as Read More…

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Key Ideas Behind SCADA System Used in Water Treatment Facilities
It’s no secret how having a SCADA System set in place within a water treatment facility proves to be very beneficial for its operations and costs. Its key benefits lies in five main operational systems within the facility, and these includes the following: Read More…

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Advantages of SCADA System Integration for Water Municipality & Water Treatment Facilities
SCADA Systems have been integral in the operation of water municipalities and water treatment facilities. Having this system in place allows the plant operators to focus on more important tasks on hand, as opposed to catering to tedious activities such as manual recording of data. But there are more advantages of SCADA System integration and here are some of the most relevant benefits: Read More….

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Crucial Part of Disaster Preparedness That You Should Have
Nowadays, it’s not enough to have the standardized alarms set in place for your business. As part of being prepared to cater to any kind of emergency and disaster it proves better to invest in a more advanced alarm response systems such as SCADA Alarms.
While standard alarms alert concerned authorities or make note in online logs for system glitches, having an automated mobile alarms system would Read More….

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SCADA System and Its Flaws
SCADA System, or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions, is a type of Industrial Control System (ICS) which are computer based systems that monitor and control industrial processes like electricity and water utilities. The SCADA-Adware System is designed to tie together facilities that are not centralized like power, water and gas pipeline distribution but is not necessarily designed to be secure. Being a computer based system means it is vulnerable to attack both by humans including computer virus infections. The securities of systems like these are very critical because Read More…

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SCADA Threats: How to Prevent Them
An Industrial Control System (ICS) like the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows us to live comfortably and conveniently in this modern world. Through it, industries like oil and gas rigs, telecommunications or utility providers that require remote operations can function at their peak performance.
SCADA’s usefulness, however, is marred by its weakness. SCADA is way too accessible, not only by employees and the staff of the industry where this software is installed but also by criminals and hackers. Once it is invaded by SCADA threats, Read More…
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