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Jason Lee Elliott
Game Designer...yep. Artist...yep. Teacher...yep. Author...yep. Awesome...yep. Secret Agent...
Game Designer...yep. Artist...yep. Teacher...yep. Author...yep. Awesome...yep. Secret Agent...

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A brief blog post about my life in 2015: Year in Review. Enjoy!

It’s hard to believe that another year has gone by already. My memories of the past year are a bit fuzzy as it was an incredibly intense 12 months with very little downtime. But that’s what I get for taking a Masters program while continuing to teach,…

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My new family (for making stuff that is)
We decided to take a team pic today! We are really feeling like a family. #dmed #indiedev

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[pageview url=”” width=”640″ height=”416″] While working on a trading card game one day, I realized that I was going to need a system that would allow me to dynamically create cards from a…

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Glory to Papers Please: A Critical Analysis

Papers Please is a critically acclaimed game set in a border checkpoint in the fictional totalitarian country of Arstotzka in 1982. The player takes the role of an immigration officer who has to inspect documents and interrogate people attempting to enter…

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As part of a project I am doing for my Masters degree, I need to gather some data about cross media consumption habits and fictional universes. 

If you can spare a minute or two, please fill out the survey lined below!


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Vancouver ACM SIGGRAPH has an event coming up next Wednesday! Come find out about ICON Creative's processes for creating great CG under tight budgets and timelines!

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This is what my students show me in class: Pinkie Pie Skyrim 

Definitely not for young kids

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What a strange, topsy turvy year it was. Last year I had plans to “finish things” and I had a bunch of unfinished projects waiting to be wrapped up. I started off well and completed a few tutorials, but then I had a major course correction in my life: I…

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Just in case you need more Creepio, here is a PSA for not smoking

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This makes everything better. As in it could be worse. Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer - George Lucas' Sp…:
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