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Anyone had issues with embedded links in email coming from Follow By Email widget in Blogger (feedburner) containing empty/broken link to the post?

Anyone had issues with embedded links in email coming from Follow By Email widget in Blogger (feedburner) containing empty/broken link to the post?

Looking for any examples of libraries establishing "agents" (not necessarily officially, but as a job function) to handle requests from copyright infringement notices. Anyone experienced this?? #libraries   #librarians  

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Running an F-Droid app repo from a LibraryBox battery powered WiFi router is a great way to share apps when the internet isn't available, is blocked or doesn't exist. This part of the work we are doing on "Bazaar" at the Guardian Project +Daniel McCarney +Hans-Christoph Steiner 
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#justinvernon   #volcanochoir   #music  

Listen. Then listen again. Repeat.

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How does something as simple as your t-shirt go from being created to being worn? This is the amazing journey that your t-shirt takes, from start to finish and all of the people that are involved.

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I'm totally in love with these Avengers/Winnie the Pooh mashups by Charles Paul Willson III.
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Thinking of writing a book? It just got easier!

Book templates for Microsoft Word

Self-publishing grows. Indie writers are seen on top of Amazon's sales lists.
However, the finished product should look good, and that part has been quite expensive - until now.

+Joel Friedlander and his team have created an easy and professional-looking way to get it all together and with a very reasonable price.

Read more and shop for templates, also for ebooks:

You might also like to read +Guy Kawasaki's book "Ape"
- Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

More information about publishing an ebook for Kindle:

Kindle direct publishing:

There are other ebook devices and platforms, try googling if interested.

My Pinterest board about Books and writing with articles and tips:

Any tips or resources you'd like to share with us?

#Books   #Author   #Writing   #Publishing   #Kindle  

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My "take" on the situation yesterday from an entirely different angle

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