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It's time for a change...

So I got an email from +Mt Baker Vapor asking me to get in contact with my state reps due to a piece of legislation they are proposing. But, when I pulled up the text of the bills it didn't say what the email alleged. I am more than willing to hollar at politicians for infringing on peoples rights to do as they please. But when you ask me to, I will check up on it. So, I propose sending the email out one more time. This time, make your point and quote the relevent text of the bill. If I see what you see then I will be on your side. But, after wading through the bill, the only thing I saw was adding vape products to the list of things you have to be 18 to do.

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#TBT - What song is best when you want to utterly destroy the remnants of a seriously physical day of work?  Need something that'll keep the blood pumping so the sudden stop when the last windshield is set won't make you pass out.

Yeah this'll do -

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New years eve has lots of potential

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Working on a piece of farm equipment.
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