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Be a Rock
It started with a phone call. This was the call that I feared. I'm on my wait. Let's see what they say. Time passed so slowly that day. There was another call, another one I didn't want to hear. They say that all bad words have four letters, they w...

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It Started With A Conversation...
A very special 6 year old, his mom & I had the most wonderful and enlightening conversation. We spoke of the Golden Rule. We talked about how our attitudes towards others gets reflected back onto ourselves. If you treat your friends rudely, they will treat ...

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See The Light - Peaceful Seas Review
Art is my all time favorite subject. I love every part of creating art. When I had the opportunity to review See The Light Art Project , I was thrilled. I had seen these, even drooled over them. I received the Peaceful Seas DVD . We were excited to do this ...

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Day 1: Long Shots & Hail Marys
Here it is November and I am so thankful that it is here. October was a month that I never want to experience again.  We went from looking forward to the holidays to day by day. Then hour by hour. We were told there was a chance, a small chance, a Hail Mary...
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