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Hi all,

This is my niece Tassia. She is so full of life that often makes me ashamed of being so lazy. She has a very rare disease called neurofibromatosis which causes tumours to grow in her nervous system and there is no cure. In order to give her a chance she needs to move to Washington for some experimental medication for 6 months.....please support. Share as much as possible, donate what you can. I will post updates as time goes by....

tassia's future: https://de.gofund.

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Rugby dance off !!!!

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Cool site if you're into surfing!!

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I want to see Guts Dragonslayer....

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Quote of the day!!!!


Comments are closed, don't want the post going south. Meant to be fun.

Via: Sarcasm

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Sonic Boooooom
We have a Patrick down!


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Buyingmy ticket now...
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