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Mandy Wright
I am a freedom seeker who has found the ideal life living on my narrow boat and cruising the inland waterways with my Cairn Terrier Bonny
I am a freedom seeker who has found the ideal life living on my narrow boat and cruising the inland waterways with my Cairn Terrier Bonny

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Some favourite mooring spots
Now I am safely the right side of Hawkesbury Lock and on the canal that will lead me home, I have been reviewing my 100 plus days cruising so far. I thought I'd share some pictures of my favourite mooring spots found on this cruise and say why I liked them ...

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My luck couldn't last forever
Ho hum, what a difference a few days make. All was going swimmingly until a boat rammed the top gate of the Hawkesbury Junction lock. They hit it so hard they have broken part of the gate off! The lock has been closed for repairs since Monday. I would have ...

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A brief Grand Union stop
This is my current view from my galley rather than the loo, so through the square window rather than the round one! I travelled down the Napton Locks this morning. The first couple were against me but then I kept meeting lovely people who were happy to open...

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Summit beauty
I was tempted to hurry off the Oxford summit level after my traumatic day, described in my last post. But it is so very beautiful here. It is very quiet - no roads, buildings or trains where I am currently moored. Few walkers either. There is a pleasant bre...

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The most challenging boating in 9 years!
Not the most inspiring view from the loo but boy I was glad to tie up here! I started my most challenging day at the bottom of Claydon Locks on the South Oxford. These 5 locks would normally take me about 80 mins to climb, being single handed. However two o...

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High season change of mood
This is a rare picture of me! Being single handed I never manage to get a photo of myself in action. Having my friend Roger with me meant he could snap a couple. As you can see I'm in a very good mood as I go with the flow on the Thames. Having got Roger ba...

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I am in love
I have been on the river Thames for a few days now and I absolutely love it! This was my view from the loo this morning as we had taken a 'wild mooring' last night. This is where you just find a field or any bit of bank you can get into and moor up. My best...

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Beauty in the Cherwell Valley
This was my view from the loo yesterday. So peaceful after all the racket of my shady mooring near Aynho Wharf (where Don't Panic was born!) There we had 2 railway lines, the M40 and a very noisy neighbour. But the motorway has roared off to our right and t...

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Summer Solstice
This is not the most picturesque view from the loo but the most important thing about it today is the shade! Having endured temperatures up to 29° since last Friday, it is forecast to be over 30° today. I am not one of those people who revel in the heat and...

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Banbury Bliss
You may think that this view from the loo has nothing to do with Banbury but you would be wrong. I am moored only a 3 minute walk away to the centre of town and yet this is what I see from my window. I am moored beside Spiceball Park and it is the best mana...
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