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Fairy Tales
upon a time . . . four powerful words that trigger excitement and stir imaginations.   In fairy tales, anything can happen and children learn to think beyond expected boundaries.    Fairy tales introduce unknown cultures and customs to children.   Po...

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A lot of freebies going up in the store lately; check them out! THANKS!!!

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Christmas Time Fairy Tale Units
Just had to post this in case someone needed quick, print and go activities for The Elves and the Shoemaker - since it is CHRISTMAS TIME!!  37 printables ready to use – color.  and black and white. Plus, answer keys (which are ALWAYS a plus!).  Aren't these...

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Fairy Tales Story Elements Matching Interactive
So much fun using fairy tales to learn story elements – setting, characters, problem, and solution. And 23 fairy tales for the low price of $4? WOW! Used as a group activity, students are given a story element card of a fairytale and asked to find others be...

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The Ugly Duckling
Den Grimme Alling, one of Hans Christian Andersen’s original Dutch fairy tales, was first published in 1843. Initially titled "The Young Swans", Andersen changed the title to “The Ugly Duckling” so as to not give away the surprise ending. The Ugly Duckling ...

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Tommelise, one of
Hans Christian Andersen’s original Dutch fairy tales, was first
published in 1835. The fairy tale gained popularity in 1847 with the English translation by Mary Howitt who
changed the story a bit. Her tale opens with a beggar woman, instea...

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White Chicken Chili Slow Cooker Recipe
You just walked in the door after
a long, hard day. Y ou're pooped . “ W hat’s
for dinner, Mom ?” C ook?
Unh-unh, no way, not today. Growing up, we always called it a crockpot. One word for you – slow cooker. Okay, that's two words, but still. Cooking a mea...

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Money Coin Booklet - Penny
It's All About the
Money! When I was a little
girl, my aunt, who worked at the bank in town, would bring coin bags
and coin wrappers home for me to help her roll coins. (Yep, that
shows my age!) I loved sorting and counting and wrapping those coins.
I still...

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Seller Spotlight Post
Hi, this is Lori from Teaching Tykes .  I live in North Carolina, USA, with my husband and our four kids; well, only one is still at home – we are almost empty-nesters. I am a thirty-year education veteran who has seen it all. One of the most difficult conc...

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Magical Dream Sticks
According to
Merriam-Webster a crayon is a stick of colored wax that is used for
drawing. But isn't a crayon
SO much more? I once heard crayons
described as “Magical Dream Sticks”. So true, so true. Check out my “Box
of Colors!” 63 pages of fun, hands-on co...
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