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Spyridon Michalakis
Science, Sushi and Sports.
Science, Sushi and Sports.

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This science channel just launched with a great video on why the sky looks the way it does. What I love about it (apart from being the scientific consultant) is that the host is an artist, and an amazing one at that. She is a professional Jazz singer and actress. On top of that, she just learned how to draw with oil on canvas just to make the explanations of scientific concepts in these videos more accessible. Subscribe and enjoy!

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Check out Caltech's blog on quantum science:
Can you describe quantum mechanics in 5 words or less? The world's experts are still at it... #5wordsqm @seancarrol
After 59 years of waiting, John Preskill has written his first blog post at Caltech's
And this is just the beginning...
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