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Monochrome 52

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I haven't shared any links recently, I hope you enjoy this article on Monochrome photography. There are some interesting points to think about...
Andrew S. Gibson is the author of Mastering Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Digital Cameras, on offer now at Snapndeals for a limited time. One of the benefits of digital photography that I really appreciate is the ease with which I can convert images to black and white. It was much harder back when […]
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Monochrome 52

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Some great info here. I've found that correcting some colors before  you convert an image to BW can help make the converted image stronger and remove some of those muddy greys we often get. Hope you enjoy!
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Monochrome 52

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Ever have some of those days when you are not inspired or can't find anything to shoot? I saw this in my stream and thought I'd share it with you. A starting point to maybe help find something different or some inspiration...

Go out and play!
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Monochrome 52

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Hi everyone,
I came across this article about getting better results if you use Lightroom for your BW Conversion. Even if you don't do this, there are some nice tips in here about LR in general. Hope it might help you, enjoy...

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Monochrome 52

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Please welcome another newcomer to the project - +Barbara BM. You've already taken the hardest step!
Good afternoon. This is my first job in   +Monochrome 52  #Monochrome52  by     +Linda Villers  ( 1/52)
 ... I really want to learn photography B & W. I think of myself that I am not a brave person .. but to take this challenge on a very brave judge step.;)
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Monochrome 52

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That road leads you right into this beautiful scene from +Sandra Deichmann 
Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you;
be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.
(W. Clement Stone)

No. 38 of my #monochrome52  project by +Linda Villers +Shane Raynard and +Monochrome 52 

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Thank you so much for sharing and commenting, +Monochrome 52 ! ;-)))
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Monochrome 52

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A very informative short video to talk about some little known details in Silvery Efex Pro. Hope you might find it useful!
Bringing you the Nik knowledge. 

Want to learn more about using the Nik Collection by Google? To find over 200 videos featuring the Nik Collection by Google, simply click on the YouTube link at the top of the Nik Photography Google+ page. The videos run the gamut from 2 minute getting started videos to lessons over an hour and a half long that in depth training sessions. You’ll find a range of topics from wedding photography to fine art macro, from Landscape to demonstrations aimed at using the Nik Collection for commercial shooters. 

The video below is a fine example of the to the point training videos clocking in at just under 6:00 minutes the video covers the use of the Color Filters and the Film Type tools built into Silver Efex Pro 2. 

Silver Efex Pro 2: Color Filters and Film Types
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this was very helpful.. thanks!
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Monochrome 52

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Here is a tip that someone passed on to me about creating beautiful skies with your BW processing. Hope some of you might find this useful...
In this Post Scott Wylie shares how he creates dreamy black and white skies in landscapes. In this article I'll show you how to take a colour landscape image with white clouds against a blue sky and convert it into a black and white image with a high contrast sky using Adobe Photoshop CS4.
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Monochrome 52

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Hello Monochrome 52 fans,

If you use Lightroom, you may be interested in these presets. There are also some others on his sight if you just do a search or have a look around. About to install them and give them a try....

Free Lightroom Black and White HDR Presets

There's some new HDR B&W Presets on my blog today:

Some of the most popular presets I have are the #HDR  presets I created for #lightroom  4. As I looked through my website stats, I also realized that some of the other most popular presets were the black and white presets for both landscapes and portraits. Then it hit me – these could go perfectly together. People love the grit, edginess, and style that HDR presets give. And people love the look and feel of black and white. So why not put ‘em together?

So that’s just what I did this week. You’ll find they work best on landscape, travel and outdoor photos. I thought of doing some portrait ones, but HDR doesn’t look that great on people. They have 2 levels of intensity (Light, Strong). I tried 3, like I usually do, but there wasn’t enough difference between them so I went with 2.

NOTE: If HDR is the kind of thing that incites anger and criticism from you, then these presets aren’t for you. Don’t download, don’t try them out and don’t leave a negative comment on how HDR is bastardizing photography and how everyone that uses it is a horrible person 

Here's the link to download:
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Ela K
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Monochrome 52

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Be sure to dress warm if you plan to enjoy this beautiful scene by +Diane Hammond. Welcome to the #monochrome52  project!
Cold Comfort, Monochrome 52 Week #1

Submitted to Monochrome 52,  #monochrome52 +Linda Villers, and +Monochrome 52

This is my first entry for the #monochrome52 project. One of my photographic goals this year is to really dig into black and white. What are the best subjects? How do you achieve depth of tonal range? I'll post one monochromatic image each week that best illustrates my learning process. Your feedback is most welcome!

This is my mother's memorial bench on Collingwood's, (Ontario), waterfront. In summer it's a welcoming spot; this time of year it's bitterly cold and solitary. I chose to center the bench and let the eye be drawn to the horizon by the wintry sky. I converted the image to black and white in Silver Efex Pro 2. I darkened the blacks, lightened the highlights, and added structure to the midtones.
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Ela K
Impozantní !!
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Monochrome 52

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Who needs all that color anyway? Lovely scene,  +Linda Villers 
Angel on the Horizon

From this weekend at Sutro Baths in San Francisco. I don't normally convert sunset photos to monochrome (actually it almost never occurs to me,) but I do like how this one turned out even without all of that color.  

#monochrome52   Week 48 / 2013 Week 1  +Monochrome 52 and Linda Villers
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+Vishal Kumar +Michael Blyde   +Carolyn Lim
#thestreetsofsanfrancisco  +The Streets of San Francisco +andi rivarola 
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Take and post a Monochrome/Black and White photo, once per week, 52 times.

The Rules

(Anyone can start at anytime during the year).
  1. Have fun!
  2. All photos are to be monochrome/black and white.
  3. All photos are to be new and taken each week with the project in mind.
  4. Learn, explore, grow:  I'd like everyone to treat this as a project and put some time, and thought, into it each week.
  5. Anyone can start the project at anytime during the year.
  6. Once started, you'll do your best to commit to the project for 52 weeks.
  7. The subject, style, and theme of your shots each week are up to you.
  8. I realize time can be hard to come by. If you can't post/share the image any given week, do it when you're able. But, do your absolute best to take the photo each week!!
Please read this for posting procedures and guidelines:

When Making Your Post

1) Mention #monochrome52 +Linda Villers, and +Monochrome 52 in the post

Please use the #Monochrome52 hashtag. This will make searching for and finding your post much easier!

2) Somewhere within the photo (caption/title) or post, make note of what week you're on.

Other Stuff

1) You'll need to circle the Monochrome 52 project page

The page is set so that only those in the project members circle can tag and send notifications. So, you'll need to add the page before Monochrome 52 page can circle you.

2) Limited vs Public sharing of your posts/images

It is preferred that all project posts/photos are shared publicly. However the choice is yours. If you share on a limited basis, I will respect that and will not re-share, link to, or otherwise make the image public. I'd ask others to respect that as well.

Any questions, suggestions, or concerns (at any time during your 52 weeks), just ask!

Shortcut for posting, just cut and paste the following:
#monochrome52 +106225423487569249789 and  +110536246777003447117

Curators:  Linda Villers
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