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A Feature suggestion: When using the lighting bolt menu from the main dropdown i.e. the quick star upgrade menu, add in wrap gate prices and the option to buy them in that menu. It's easily the most suitable way for figuring out where you want warp gates as then you can also see your hyperspace range when assessing what star to gate up.

I can see that might make it an even larger mess with throwing more numbers scattered across the screen however. My incomplete solution for that is perhaps don't initially show the price for each upgrade on every star on that menu but rather the natural resource number over each star while also showing the current upgrades a star has (like it is now).
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Lol, I've always found the most suitable determination of where to put stargates is distance to next Stargate! Lol :-) 
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Was posted on Playstuff and wanted to share this with the rest of you
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Some guy I subscribe to make a video on cp_desertion
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A) So you like him only when he's big?
B) Internet is big, you won't meet only your friends there m8.
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