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Supporting Science, Saving the Planet
I recently engaged in a Facebook exchange with astronomer
Reed Riddle and astrophysicist Rebecca Oppenheimer about a widely circulated
4-minute video featuring pop-science superstar Neil DeGrasse Tyson (

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Populism and the Environment: A Book?
The mainstream media these days seems routinely to associate "populism" with the simplistic xenophobia, protectionism, and racism that lurks behind the Trumpista movement in the U.S., the rush to Brexit in the U.K., and anti-immigrant fever across Europe. T...

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I’m grateful to my sister, Mary Nell McCann, for passing
along the April 21, 2014 issue of the New
Yorker, which contains an excellent article on Stonehenge and the Salisbury
Plain by Laura Miller (“Romancing the Stones,” pp. 48-54). It’s a nice
portrayal o...

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Prudence (Prue) Draper: 1930-2017
I'm mourning the passing of my sister Prue Draper, who among a legion of other accomplishments was a distinguished local historian and historic preservation advocate in Cotati, California, a city that she and her late husband Lloyd did much to create. Here'...

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What I Hope
January 20, 2017; Silver Spring, Maryland Donald Trump was sworn in today in as the 45 th president of the United States. Many of us wonder if he’ll be the last. I won’t belabor the reasons for our collective angst – they’re
familiar, and have been beaten t...

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A Commentary on the HAT Entries
Since it was my competition, my prize, and this is my blog, I’m
going to give myself the luxury of commenting here on all the entries we received. Other judges -- and readers so inclined -- are welcome to do the same. I actually was rather disappointed with...

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Heritage After Trump Award: The WINNER!
From the Desk of Emily-Kate Hannapel & C. Scott Vann Historic Hillsborough, NC 27278 Dear Mr. King and Selection Committee, Re: Heritage After Trump (HAT) Competition As members of the North Carolina Historic Preservation Community,
we were excited to learn...

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HAT Press Release -- and the Judges
Here's a press release regarding the "Heritage After Trump" Award. Please feel free to circulate, post, share with your favorite reporter, etc. This also serves to announce the winners. Thomas F. King, PhD, llc 8715 1st Ave. #805D, Silver
Spring MD 20910, U...

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Final Two HAT Runners-Up
are the last two of six runners-up for the HAT Award. Later today or tomorrow I’ll
announce THE WINNER. I should stress that there no ranking is implied by the order in which these runners-up have been published. Institute for Critical
Heritage Studie...

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Two More HAT Award Contestants
All the contestants have now given me permission to post their entries, so here are two more. There'll be two more tomorrow, insh'allah, and then THE WINNER on January 20th. Thanks again to all the participants, and the judges. Entry by Lydia Costello Jan. ...
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