Assembling Bohemian Rhapsody

Nice. Brian May "musician, singer, songwriter, astrophysicist" and lead guitarist from Queen picks over the elements of the original 2" multitrack of Bohemian Rhapsody and explains how they put it all together. Hearing all the elements separately really makes you appreciate the end product.

There wasn't one note that didn't sound intimately familiar even in this raw form so I've obviously heard this track w-a-a-y too many times.

It's still likely to stop me dead in my tracks to listen to it all the way through. Priscilla and I even had a head banging moment coming home in the car the other day a la Wayne's World. Not sure what the other people at the traffic lights thought.

Nothing deep going on here, just some really fun, somewhat tongue in cheek 70's rock. Thanks Freddie.

Queen - The Making Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' [Greatest Video Hits 1]
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