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What’s better than having a fruit tree?

Having a whole orchard! Plant a variety around your farm and make delicious fruit juice using fruit juice presses.

You can grow these trees and more in Green Farm 2 on #iPhone & #iPad ! Get it for free today:
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If I had an iPad2, this would be the first game I got. Maybe when it drops a few hundred dollars.
i need neighbors...add me
I do not have a neighbor
I'm level 15 without neighbors
please add me ok.....
Adding the new commenters now! Have fun everyone!
What we need for this game is a freeze button. It's not realistic to expect people to play a game day in day out. Or else animals run away. People have a real life and sometimes they go on vacation.
Hi +CDM Baxter, you can send us an email at instead and attach your screenshots. :]
aggiungetemi mi mancano amici per lavorare. please,bitte, prego!
ho bisogno di amici. bitte , please, prego, help me!
Added a lot more of you today. You should see invites under your neighbors tab. :)
How do I accept an invite? Do we both have to be in each others circles or not?
hello :) accept my invitations plz :)
i need neighbors add me plz :))
i need neighbors too add me plz ;)
Just sent everyone new here neighbor invites. Please check your neighbors tab and check it out. Thanks. :)
add me please i am new and i have no neighbors
accept my invitations plz :)
add meeeeee and accept my invitation plzz :)
we are already friends :))) that's why U can't add me :))
New to the game, and active for doing stuff on your garden, add me please
Help me please, I need a tailor. Also I would like more friend, add me please
hi thanks admitanmen looking neighbors! hola busco vecinos admitanmen gracias!!!
I need new neighbors or circles please add greetings and thanks!
Necesito vecinos o círculos nuevos por favor agreguen saludos y gracias!!!
necesito alguien q sea sastre en su taller para q me ayude en el mio.. los sastres agreguenme por favor
Gisela, Te he agregada en mi circulo, hace la misma cosa para me por favor. Te envio una invitacion para ser vecinos. Estoy sastre y me falta dos vecinos ahora, muchas gracias :)
Oups! J'Ai fait UNE Erreur et Supprimé mes amis de green farm, :(
Pouvez Vous me rajouter s'il vous plait Merci!!!!!
wow that is faboulos wow! :)
add me ...
Piden que las agregemos pero hay varios que no responden las invitaciones , revisen donde dice vecinos arriba-izquierda para que acepten la invitacion de vecinos si no no pasa nada...
saludos a todos los vecinos de la granja
Je viens de t'ajouter a mon cercle green ferme ..... je t'envoie une demande de voisin après
Hello... my new neighbors Please add me I am new :)
Grace S
im trying to do that
a dire la verità non capisco nemmeno come caspita fare.............
add me I need neighbors 
Need some neighbors, please add me! I have tried adding but having issues with it. (Daily player)
hola busco vesinos en green farn agregenme porfavor gracias
I am like totally wanting more friends here
add me plz!!!!!! girls!
Guys please add me, or how do I add neighbors I have none and just started playing.
Hello all am I the only one have that is having trouble with this game? I can't add neighbors and when I do they never show up
I'm getting so Frustrated with this game smh
me to...does it say it is having dificulties
cause mine is
But here's the thing I play from game loft on my iPad, I download the app. I don't play from google+. So the question is how do I add people that's on google +
i dont know if you can....well ill google it real fast for you
im not finding anything....well one timegreen farm wasnt workingfor like a month so i made a gamloft account andstarted on another farm so i can try to add you on there if i can figure it out
i need your name and your email
so i can invite you on gamloft
my name is Paulene Clinton      email is
add mee
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