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What do you think Green Farm is missing? Tell us what animals, plants, or items you want to add to your farm!
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2013 Edit: According to the developer website, they are no longer adding content for this game & are focusing on Green Farm 2 for mobile. Just let this topic die & stop commenting on it.
2012 comment:
::Inhales deeply::

1)Add some kittens & puppies that don't age, & I don't mean smaller versions of the animals, I mean ones that actually look like babies. they could be purely aesthetic. (cash item)

2)More water decorations; can never get enough of those. (cash)

3)More secret animals; the kind you get awarded but can't actually buy. (free but rare)

4)Paths: gravel, asphalt, sidewalk, & plank walkway. (coin, daily gift)

5)Decorative snow & fall trees. (cash & coin)

6)Ability to make the farm grass look like autumn or fall. (cash)

7)A Poker/Solitaire machine, similar to the slot machine. (cash)

8)Ability to recolor buildings. (coin)

9)Production building that requires bananas & other trees that have no juice presses. (cash & coin)

10)Ability to raise fish like any other animal. (cash & coin)

11)More crops & trees for level 50 & over. (cash & coin)

12)Ability to pick up & move plots. (free)

13)More animals; Rooster, bull, boar, peahen, ram, buck (male goat), doe, hen (female duck), & hen (turkey). (cash or rare prizes).

14)Production buildings for levels 30 & up, like a bakery, a cafe, etc. (cash & coin)

15)Random weather; have it rain once in awhile. (free)

16)Add more things to the gift list, things that you can ONLY get through gifting.

17)More large pens, like Turkey Roost XL & Goat Stable XL.

18)Make items in barn giftable to other players.

19)Port Green Farm 2 to Google+ so PC players can have a second farm with pandas :p
More variety in the colours of animals! It is so nice to have varieties, and almost all of them come in so many different colours in real life!
The crops structure needs to be rethought.

Short Term
More crops have to be available in the short term. Something like 30', 45' 1hr 2hrs or so. This would make the short term harvesting more interesting.

Medium/Long Term
ALL crops within 10 to 24 hrs are completely useless:
because a crop growing in 8hrs is always more productive, even if you harvest it after 24hrs.
For example: with Forgetmenots you have an income of net 36,00 coins per hour if you harvest them after 8hrs (minimum time). With Blackberries (which are the best in the 10+ hrs term) you have an income of net 7,61 coins per hour if you harvest them after 18hrs (minimum time). But if you harvest Forgetmenots after 18hrs you still gain 16,00 coins per hour, which is far better than the Blackberries! So - whithin withering time - for medium/long term it's always better to plant the best 8hrs crop available, which makes the game very boring.

Thanks for asking though! And keep it up!
More choice of crops. Sometimes we need 4-6 hr crops to fill in those extra periods of time, like getting one more crop in before retiring for the night. Only flowers are 8 hr crops just now. A better selection of crops would be great here. All your dogs are big dogs. Give us a dachshund to hunt squirrels and rats with. We can't buy horses until we're well up in levels. That's sad.
Yeah Christine, the game told me last level-up that I'd unlocked hay stacks & I can't find them aaaaanywheeeeerre.
Helen, use the cash tree to buy a few horses & a horse pen, then you occasionally "win" a free horse. I just got a black one, which can't be bought at all.
What about hay bales as decorations?
Will you guys do me a favor & see if I just sent you a goose? I'm not sure my gifts are actually sending.
Hay bales would be cool. I would also like to see some sort of vine-type decorations that could be put on buildings. Kudzu, perhaps... or maybe some sort of flowering vines.
I think the hay is a decoration item, Sabrina. It's just....nowhere to be found.
+Allaiyah Weyn Goose received, seems you're able to gift just fine.
i agree with you also Allaiyeh ,we need to be able to move the plots not just remove them completely :)
::Whine:: I really want Green Farm 2 so I can have 2 farms, & pandas & giraffes. I hate it when games are console exclusive...I never even got to play Red Dead Redemption on PC :(
Bring green farm 2 to pc!!!!! lets all go on strike til they do!!! (joking)
iPad 2 is like $600. Now if they bring the game out for something cheaper like Kindle....Wait, can you play games on a Kindle?
I would be happy if I could help more on neighbor's farms - feeding, harvesting, trimming. Lots of folks are blanket fertilizing which leaves me nothing to do but pet starving animals.
Please, no cafe's. Let's keep it a farm. If there must be cafe's, make those a separate game. I would also like to see animals in different colors, just please, before you bring anything out, make sure the glitches are removed. Remember, a lot of us are here because we got fed up with Zynga and all its glitches.
I play both. This is the only Farmville inspired game I like equally.
My dogs want a poker table. lol Oh, here's one; no more interrupting popups asking us to send stuff.
What +Susan Lewis said, being able to help on other farms -- I see so many starving animals! And trees that could be trimmed, etc.

And yes, keep it a farm. And more short term crops, under an hour would be nice or maybe a few more 1 to 2 hr items.

I'm still at a pretty low level so not up on all the bells and whistles.
I would also like to see more interesting and possible tasks. Adding "friends" as a task TWICE is a pain. And I'm to buy a fountain that I can't "buy" yet.
I mean that it will be installed in our computer on 3d, with a server for multi players and developed graphics like others games for PC :)
Casual developers don't...really make MMOs. They're actually quite expensive to maintain & they have to nickel & dime you for the best stuff just to make enough profit to pay their employees.

But you know, no one has ever made a farming MMO. Someone totally should.

Of course the minute they move to servers, everyone would complain about about servers being down, it would have to go offline for an hour every day for maintenance, & the game would attract gold farmers, spammers, & hackers.

They'd also have to hire more employees dedicated solely to Green Farm for making new content, tech support, etc.

The other option is that they make a plain old casual game you install directly onto PC, with the multiplayer element stripped from the game. I kinda wish they'd make one of those so I could still play the game 10 years from now.
I don't know why they're teasing us with this question. According to the official Green Farm Forum, they won't be making any new content for GF1. Did they change their minds? Are they asking for ideas to use in GF2?
NO , not at all i don't wanna tease you !!! i just wanna use green farm off line too.
i know, i mean if we haven't internet connection we can practice our activity at least in our farm. but here we can't without connection
FERRETS! Green Farm is missing them. I have yet to see a ferret in ANY farming game online - including on Facebook. I want to see a ferret!
+Rachel Sherman Ha. That's the only way the game makes any money is buy folks buying "cash" for items they eitehr cannot wait to get or cannot win.
Okey, so alot of us have about 200 neighbors. (give me a poke if you don't).

You want your workshops to have help? Please actually post the "share" when you do, & most importantly post what level you are so we don't have to dig through 200 neighbors until we recognize your avatar. (You can also +1 this post & I'll come visit your workshop).
Hola busco nuevos vecinos!!! gracias! Hello new neighbors looking to add to my farm thanks
Yes, making plots moveable would often save us coins when we've already plowed and then realize it needs to be moved. We could use 3 hour strawberries and 5-6 hr crops to fill in those spare time spots. Sometimes if we're going to be busy for a while we need crops that will cover that period of time, so having crops fall due at many different hours would be great. Farms do tend to be located near wildlife, so the occasional bear or fox would be nice to see too.
I think we shouldn't use this interesting post to ask for adding to circles. By the way... add me too! :D
Add me please. Thank you. Sorry new to this but my little nephew wanted to play and I thought I would start him and I an account. It looks so cute. :P
add me please!!
Necesito vecinos porfavor...
I feel the motivation to continue playing slipping away. I've bought nearly everything there is to buy, & I'm only level 32. Really really need new content.
Not have any new products in the market? and do not have any events in the Green Farm? I'm very bored now: (
David, it's because you keep posting pictures of seminaked women & most casual gamers are adult women.
Busco vecinos o nuevos circulos de gente gracias!!! Seeking new circles of neighbors or people thanks!
Hi good morning all I need new neighbors or people who have circles to add me thank you very much! Hola a todos buenos días necesito vecinos nuevos o gente que tenga circulos para añadirme muchas gracias!
Hello looking for new neighbors please, thanks!
Hola en busca de nuevos vecinos por favor,gracias!
My daughter +Ecco Mattox , my son +Eddie Mattox , and myself could use neighbors! Daughter and I are level 10 and above and can help with projects. Thank you in advance!
Um i need some neighbours, anyone want to be friends?
I already send you a invite, just accept :)
Short term crops, being able to sell crops or have crops in your barn and then use them for something, baby animals, and animals that don't go hungry easily. Also, more coin items. They could be modified instead of higher level.
Hello from yesterday that the game does not load can someone tell me what happens, I can see gifts and neighbors but could not play, please let me know that someone passes the page through green farm, I am waiting for an answer! !!!
Hola desde ayer que el juego no se carga alguien puede decirme lo que sucede, puedo ver los regalos y los vecinos, pero no pudo jugar, por favor hágamelo saber alguien de la página de la, estoy esperando una respuesta! !
alguien me puede decir si les nada bien el juego??? a mi hace unos días que no me carga mas debe estar un desastre mi granja!!!!!!!!!!!!!! si alguien me pude ayudar gracias!!!!
Hi! I tried to add a lot of you as neighbors. I just started playing Green Farm yesterday thanks to +CDM Baxter . Hope to see some of you as new neighbors soon! I'm having a blast so far! Also, I second the posts on being able to move plots instead of just deleting them and replacing them. :)
Please get rid of those bothersome information pop-ups. Its one thing to have them come up when the cursor is idle, but to have them come up in the middle of working at something is a downright niusance! Pop ups are part of what annoyed me away from Farmville.
The butcher eventually cut it in four pieces for me, but once cut, I couldn't sell it, so you can be sure I enjoyed a lot of good turkey dinners. :)
please add me I want to complete the task of 3 friends but I can never
i already send you a invite +Montcerrat G, just accept
It never occured to me to try and sell it to the store, but then, everything has to be government inspected before stores are allowed to sell it. I had my little acerage and always made sure I was going to have turkey when I good and well wanted it. :D
Sometimes when we see a need to move plots, they already have plants in them. I don't want to have to delete my crops just to rearrange my plots, so yes, please let us move the plots without having to delete them.
they should have pins and stables for the special animals like the ponies, peacocks, and unicorns!
Yes, a fertilizing machine would be great! And how about a 'select all' button for those gifts? And do we really need 4 clicks for sending gifts? How about an 'accept all' button for gifts? Old hands soon wear out from all that clicking.
New to the game, and active for doing stuff on your garden, add me please
I know this sounds to easy but an easy way to get cash because when you buy and sell crops it always uses coins... what is the cash for????????????? + i DONT want to spend money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope that helped.. : )
I need new neighbors or circles please add greetings and thanks!
Necesito vecinos o círculos nuevos por favor agreguen saludos y gracias!!!
add ways to earn cash other than buy it or level up like you can trade 1,000 coins for 1 cash or something
Same as that last comment. And it would be really helpful if you could rotate the view of the farm.
be my neighbor please...
How bout silly magical things like unicorns?? Add me, I'm not as scary as my picture....
Всем хай ! Я ищу друзей по игре !Я вам нужен ? Добавляйтесь я 5 level
i think green farm should also make the peacock available for coins i really want it but don't have enough cash. and i dont want to spend money.
i also agree with Mateia Stanwood and Ellesar Yavetil.
add me ...
you need to be able to earn cash and there should be more animals
Cash for petting, harvesting, and getting 3 prizes in one attempt on the lottery.
You should start with a bigger farm
IKR! There should be a free cash thing.
i wrote it before, but have more ideas...
want to build more than to buy (carpenter and tailor goooood done already) - cat's house may be. want to make plants i can't buy - lychee, durian etc. want to have skip button for some quests - i needn't swiming pools and don't like it... but i need to buy :( may be later, when it'll be no more quests, i'll be glad to do this quest but now i want to skip it and see the next one. and it's not the first time when i was not interested in quest...
also i want to use benches and chairs for real sitting :)))) may be with friends :)
and more about workshops - what to do if nobody wants to help? may be if i have helpers it can simply become cheaper? 1-2% for one help :) and if no helpers - no money-back... and please - making not for cash, for gold only. the same thing in the market for cash and gold+friends - normal idea (you have it just NOW, not waiting), if making - you already spending time for it.

p.s. cash still missing, gold still missing some times, quests some times missing, dock doesn't work the right way :(
green farm needs more chickens... ninja chickens, fluffy chickens, spotted chickens, roosters, golden chickens, rainbow chickens...
Necesito gente que me agregue para jugar al green farm, gracia
all i need right now is an expansion...T.T
I feel it would be nice if items that require friends to buy could be bought without the need of friends. Basically I'm saying you can buy them for coins normally, but if you have friends you can get a discount.
I need black currants so I can finish the mini game! I have no black currants in my market on my android!
more animals and inclosures for every farm animal you sell!
more animals and coops and more cash each level instead of 1
Well i play green farm 1 and i think green plot should give you bigger plot cause i dont want to earn that much money
more expending area and less money 
you should have extra farmer and house and other cool stufff 
More variety in the color and type of bonus animals for sure. More cash when one levels up so it's a little more gratifying and not so insulting. More interesting trees, I like my farm to be more like a forest. Being able to buy the cash only items with a equal amount of coins like you can with the farm expansion now. 
to add friends- you must both be added as each others friend on google+, if you already are send a request then look at the tab at the top saying "nieghbours" and then click on it and requests from your friends should be in there so click accept
hope this works =)
Oh and why can't google chrome users get the same in-game items that iphone users can? We would put up the same moolah for the extra content they will.
More lions, rare animals, cash trees, and upgrades!! I want a bigger farm, like a city
I think you should be able to ride the horses and there should be reindeer for Christmas
greenfarm is an addiction... i have managed to give up... it was a complete waste of my time :L
a) add me
b) build a lot of workshops
c) make plants in workshops
oh what about birds!!!!!! oh ya u don't have that at a farm lol I am totally tripping over here
if your asking me then sure!
oh :) I have a friend your age :) ok I sent it
well she doesn't have one :(
I think that we should be able to get cheaper animals like maybe dachsunds for 500-1000 coins.
We should be able to actually ride on the horse
I agree!!!!!! with u Fiona Liang
also, we should have a pause mode just in case we go on wacation
I have neever seen a farm so beautiful
Id wanna add a tiger!!!! OR some more exotic animals that are affordable aka not bought using cash...
"Indonesian Dragon" Komodo
lol I agree with Acacia Dog
Why does the Facebook version have more? Google Plus should have a Zoo too! I want lions, tigers, elephants, swans, bears, and more wild animals.
lemme think...
You should add a vacation mode. That way when people go to somewhere where they can't access greenfarm for some time, they don't lose everything.
meencanta green farm es mi juego favorito porfavor añadirme a vuestros circulos  y asi somos vecinos
how do we get in the game??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
i mean on the game it wont work on the gameloft thingy only on g+
How to download the hacker application plz give me the link
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