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First Option Computers Ltd
Computers,Tablets and Phones Repair
Computers,Tablets and Phones Repair

We have special prices for Phone Screen Repairs: for all iphones we offer 10% off at each screen which has been replaced by our specialist.
All repairs have 1 year guarantee.
Visit or call us for more information on our special prices and promotions
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Computer is quite essential in everyday life. Be it for official purpose or a home use, computer is used almost by everybody. Therefore if your computer gives you any kind of trouble, you need immediate solution. For that you need to have knowledge about the reliable centers that offer quality solutions through the skillful people. You may find computer repairs in Southampton bit of a headache as getting a trustworthy person who has thorough knowledge in this job is rare. Therefore few companies have taken the charge of providing you ultimate solution for your damaged computer.

These computer repairing centers offer many different services that includes:

Booting: If your computer is facing problem with proper booting, you need to get expert help. Virus, corrupt system files or damaged hard drive can cause difficulties in booting.
PC Tune-Up: Tune-up can be of two types. Basic tune-up and major tune-up. Mainly software related services are available in basic service whereas major tune-up service provides thorough internal cleaning.
Cracked Screen: If your LCD or LED screen is cracked, you need immediate help. • Black Screen: Sometimes your computer is working normally but you are only seeing black screen and nothing else. Your computer needs help.
Slowness: Slowness is a very common problem. Hard drive or full memory can cause this difficulty.
Software Installation: Installation and set-up of a software is done.
Hardware Upgrades: Installation of RAM, ROM, Hard Drive, CD or DVD drive, floppy drive and so on are done.
Physical Damage: Physical damage can happen anytime. And any type of physical damage is handled skilfully.
Liquid Damage: If you have spilled water on your laptop or computer, it may face liquid damage.
Virus Removal: There are few viruses that can damage your computer tremendously. You can get thorough assistance in this case.
Troubleshooting: Ultimate troubleshooting is done in the service centers.
Maintenance: Maintenance is conducted in regular basis. Special in offices, computers need to have systematic maintenance once in a while.

If you are facing any of these problems, you should find computer repairs in Southampton as soon as possible. A team of experts are eligible giving you proper solution to any computer damage.
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Contact us for any service related to your computers, laptops, phones, tablets, clicking hard drive recovery among others.
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