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Today Engadget posted an interview conducted with Julie Uhrman  (CEO of OUYA) about the progress of the OUYA gaming consol.  One of the most important parts of the article is that Julie expels any rumors that have risen  over the past week.  Of these includes the rumor of OUYA getting funding outside of the Kickstarter program (which it isn't), and that they won't be able to supply the number of devices listed on Kickstarter by the deadline given (which they can).  

Mrs. Uhrman puts ease to the worries about the Tegra 3 chip, stating that it will perform much better than anything we have seen in mobile devices since the OUYA won't have to worry about battery preservation. She even goes as far as stating that we will be able to see graphics comparable to that of the PS3 and Xbox360.  Julie also states some exciting news about "big" developers contacting them about developing for the OUYA.

All of this and more can be seen on Engadget's website at:

Any thoughts or opinions on this "news"?  Personally, most of it is what I expected, though it's always nice to hear it formally confirmed by the CEO of the company!
Oh, the fickle fate of a Kickstarter darling. Initial hopes and dreams culminate into a single video and a few pages of text
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Please, Julie, do it too:

Put complete system sources in github. OUYA is open, right?
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Big news from OUYA today!  If you haven't seen it yet, OUYA released another update over on their Kickstarter page. 

Of this news, the biggest (in my opinion) is that game creator, Meteor, committed to make their new game "Hawken" for the OUYA console.  Other exciting news includes the team meeting with nVidia to discuss the capability of the Tegra 3 chip that will inside the OUYA.  According to the update, the chip will be slightly over clocked to improve performance, while still remaining reliable. If you want to see the whole update, I'll include the link below.

What do you think is more exciting?  The news of Meteor being supportive (and excited) about developing for the OUYA, or the fact that nVidia is working so closely with the project?
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Wonder how big "Slightly Overclocked" is. I 'slightly' overclocked my Acer a500's Tegra 2 from 1.0GHz to 1.5Ghz and its stable. And runs Asphalt 7 at a higher framerate than some stock Tegra 3 chips.
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Do you have questions about the new OUYA?  Visit the OUYADev forum!  We have answers to FAQ as well as the not-so-common questions!

Visit us at:

Haven't heard of the OUYA?  Visit their Kickstarter at:

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Thank you for the clarification, +Pillar Four!! 
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Are there any XBMC fans out there?  If so, this one's for you!  A few days ago the XBMC community announced that they have been developing a full blown application for Android devices.  In their release statement, they didn't list OUYA or Unity support specifically, but the fact that the application is now on the Android means that it is only a matter of time before it will be compatible to run on the OUYA.

Do you think XBMC on the OUYA will make it a more successful consol?

Check out the link below for more details:
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Does anyone know if the Ouya console will have an Infrared receiver?   It would be great if I could control XBMC with my Harmony remote...  I'm sure I can find a workaround if it doesn't but native IR support would be nice...
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Want to be sure your favorite game will be developed on the OUYA?  Be sure to voice your opinion on the company's survey!  Place your vote on the top 20 requested, or even write in your own!
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Ou Ya
I'm hoping that Minecraft makes it for sure.
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Developing has never been this much fun
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