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We are monkeys !! (just for info : the guy running on water is a fake)
I don't click +1 cause its 42 right now!!
Holly molly!!!!!! this is so cool ....
According to this video, the awesomeness of women is statistically insignificant.
The little girl parking the bike was too cute.

pretty awesome video.
a couple of pixels to the left, couple of pixels to the right and we're looking at a fail compilation.
I wonder how much of the "Making Of" footage was shot in emergency rooms around the world?
A lot is fake, but a lot also isnt. Still a cool video nonetheless.
By now everyone on the internetz knows that that running on the water thing is actually an attempt to go viral. There is a little bridge under the water.
people are awesome however there are some fake clips on here..... not awesome, unless awesome = people that are good at photoshop or video editing
speechlesss. The invincibles!!!!!!!!!!!
Some people are awesome. Some people are insane. And some videos are faked. All in all, entertaining.
The guys running on water aren't actually, it's a fake (there's a hidden plexiglas just below the surface). Just saying.
Cool. If they could take out the few fake videos, it would be perfect.
Единственное во, что не поверю это человек бегущий по воде.
Про прогулки по воде - фейк, было в "разрушителях легенд". Думаю, многое другое - тоже
Energetic !!!!! Full of positive envergy. Hats of to the people in it. Thanks +DRIVE ► for showing the wonderful moments.
Ehm there are fakes in the video!! But some are straordinary!
Excellent compilations! Metagene in the people do the tricks ;)
Alex Yu
+1 for mooonwalking guy in front of a car...
The guy walking/running on water was fake. The Mythbusters proved that one.
All those skate and bike videos look cool until you run into a 14 year old kid with a compound fracture of his forearm from trying to skate down a rail. Injuries like that don't just go away.
Cool mashup but loses its shine since many of the videos shown are proven (and in some cases, well known) fakes.
It is unfortunate that you have added several known fake videos in. (water walking and LeBron shooting)
+Tim Lathouwers nails it. If our status-seeking has become so desperate that we don't even notice when we risk crippling injuries and/or death for temporary benefits then we're racing towards extinction. If somebody gets injured doing one of these stunts maybe they should consider getting clipped.
OMG!!!!! That lady falling of the water fall at 3:45 was awesome!!!!!!!! There are sick people in this world (in a good way)!!
wow i would die if i did eny of these stunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish "I could do all of that!"
too bad they included a few fakes like the walking on water, kinda cheapens the whole thing a bit.
eh, some of these you can tell are fake, but for the most part, bad ass
Walking over the water one is fake, I've seen that video and it's totally fake. There is a platform below the water.
let's not forget Sarah Burke who just died doing crazy stunts. But that being said, the little girl on the bike is awesome!
this is awesome?? iv seen way cooler, have u ever seen a man on a bike riding down a huge water slide and off a ramp???
r u kidding i posted this on buzz a year ago
wow superb post no words to express
my partner Erik Estada said he would try it. I will watch from my motor!
CHECK OUT PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2!!!!! THAT COOL TO. Srry i had to do it in caps so every body could see. haha
Innovative people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome
Physically impossible, not enough speed needed for the speed to weight ratio. Big fake!!!!!
Yeah right fake my ass !!!! you have no idea of the capabilities of the human person ! It's awesome capabilities !!!!! :))))))) love watching it.
woaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^^^^^ikr"wat just happened...?
Just a "Greatest Hits" reel. Just remember, 50x as many people tried the stunts here and ended up killed or busting themselves up pretty badly!
cool i like the one when the guy throws a card thru the candle
wow greatest human skills. proud of humanity
These are the kind of things that can be done when someone told these people as kids "You can do anything!", and never said "That's impossible!" Although some of them had me saying "What!" a lot LOL!
I was the guy that jump into the river ..
The guy running on water at 50sec is in fact footage from a viral add campaign and is not real, it was a trick. Great campaign, but it doesn't really fit in the video considering that it is in fact fake.
That was so crazy! I would never have the nerve to do any of that stuff. What amazing talents!
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