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well, that was a helluva game. well played, both sides. and rolling on the ground numerous times until medics come is now called a #shweinsteiger #WorldCup2014 #wc2014 #ARGvsGER
for those of is who remember the end of World War II, this is Germany vs. New Germany’s Grandsons. #ARGvGER #WorldCup2014 #wc2014 /cc +Shawn Levy
the. best. on-line. cooking. show. evah.
security alert! — my bank called to tell me my visa debit was probably compromised, probably by this. POS vendor up here in vancouver, washington that handles NW restaurant chains like dairy queen, buffalo wild wings, taco time, etc. i've used my card at bww. if you've used a visa debit at a NW restaurant chain like that, may be time to get a new visa debit card & PIN. i love this brave new world we are living in... NOT!! /cc +David Perry   😥 💸
hawr! and in JavaScript, it's readable, but you references don't mean what you think they mean!
much thanx to +Dave Zvenyach & his @SCOTUS_servo for an amazing remote g+ hangout presentation +PDX Node ! /cc +Ben Acker +Tracy Hinds +Adam Ulvi
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btw, happy birthday harrison ford, 72 as of today. /cc +Nerdist +Chris Hardwick 

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holy crap. i'm surprised they didn't pull a 'lost' with the plane going down. glad they landed safe (i hope).
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yes. what if everyone took a dive in daily interaction look futbol players?
+Dave Zvenyach looms over us like the great & powerful Oz, or Big Brother in the Apple “1984” ad, @ his +PDX Node talk on @SCOTUS_servo, while attendees line up like Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Tin Man & Cowardly Lion to ask questions. /cc +Ben Acker +Tracy Hinds +Adam Ulvi
a man with just too many damn names...
Tech geek addict, Zen-dawggy-dawg, Gypsy Jazzer, Yoga-la-bamba-bay-bee, Pleasure Activist, Beer Snob
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Ol' Theater Rat, Shook hands & thanked Frank Zappa for all he did a year before he died while driving a taxi & picking up an orchestral conductor from his house in the Sherman Oaks Hills, Went toe-to-toe in an ancient poetry slam against David Lee Roth & bested him, branded ex-Black Rock Ranger (got nookie under then man when I should've been on duty), Re-taught/Re-invented Self so many times that i know it must be an illusion, survived the 1.0 bubble burst blood letting on the streets, Cacao-phony, survived a wonderful, glorious, fantastical Meltdown of an Intentional Community, "The Lighthouse" #FAIL, financed & helped build the Lighthouse/Mermaid Cob Structure in S.E. PDX, went 'round the World in 2010 and lost a few hats, played in a jazz jam circles with the likes of Robin Nolan, Stephen Wremble, Adreas Öberg & Kruno (i let them take lead), Ignite 9 speaker & brought a band on-stage despite an organizer's outlandish objections. History is not always written by the victors, sometimes it's written also by the mere survivors. *WARNING*: folks, i know it's the big wide open wild west interwebz 'n' all that, but if you add me to circles here on google+ and you don't show common courtesy to message me, tweet me, what have you, first and say either how i know you or why you to follow my musings here, i *will* block you. sorry, i realize that may not be "the way" you do the internetz, but that's my personal privacy choice. very good now. carry on.
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this is my go-to place for my daily work-out — convenient for me as it is a 5 mile round-trip on my bike plus the yoga, so quite the work-out. the teachers here are amazing and should be — they teach their own yoga school for authorized certification. the style is vinyasa, which is classical hawtha asana shapes flowing one into the other, almost like a slow, tai-chi-like dance. lots of focus on pranayama (breathing techniques) also, and chanting in bhakti, of course (the devotional aspect of hindu yoga practice. what is more, for those who are new beginners, having out-of-shape body issues (as i have had) or past injury issues, they are very good about watching you and making corrections to your positioning or warning you to gently back off a bit — something you always want to have in any yoga studio. there are all levels, from very beginner to the type of energetic vinyasa class that really gets you sweating and challenges you. if you're new, always start at a level 1 beginner class with teachers like jeannie, tasha or marianne. for mid-range to advanced classes, i can't recommend enough teachers like hari-bhakti, monicka, jessica and lisa mae (who is also the shop owner). also, on the second sunday evening of each month, they have a chanting session for 90 minutes by donation, and all funds go to someone in need. regular special workshops also, on everything from special asana focuses (hip openers, etc.) to aruvedic meal planning. your first time there you can purchase one week of unlimited classes for $20, from there there are all sorts of good payment plans, from 10 class cards to deducting monthly for unlimited classes per month from a financial account. you can also purchase workshops and classes on-line at their web site. for yoga for both physical exercise and delving within, this place has it all.
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this wonderful little homey bakery opened up just down tabor hill from where i live at the end of e. hawthorne blvd. and I couldn't be happier. huge brick wood-fire ovens constantly filling the place smell of fresh baking bread, bright walls and windows, cardboard floors you have to be a little careful, not because they're naturally slippery, but because there is flour on them from all the baking done here. bread loaves to purchase or to eat there, great sandwiches from their fresh baked loaves and delicious soups. instead of quiche, a wonderful savory bread pudding for breakfast, and coffee that is always hot, fresh and portland strong. they are local bakers (you can watch them put the loaves into the wood fire ovens yourself) and are proud to be supplied by local farmers and grain growers. ignore all your portland hypochondriac friends fretting over wheat/gluten sensitivities, one bite from a fresh spelt loaf will have you feeling health coursing through your veins! “bread is agriculture” is their motto and amen to that, i say. also, free wifi. my few qualms might be wanting an egg sandwich for breakfast on the menu, or that they weren't closed on mondays & tuesdays - i know these hard working owners need days off, but those are prime work week times they could be catering to early commuters. but overall, a serendipitous find in southeast portland and worth the visit.
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A bit of old New Yawk right smack dab in downtown Portland. Like a cozy, homey, NY Diner with a bit of swank to it. An amazing breakfast/brunch place, and those are it's peak times (get there early on the weekend!), but don't discount it for a lovely evening of very fine dining either. Great wait staff, lovely atmosphere, really top notch food.
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where else can you see keb mo, john mayall, mavis staples, the remaining members of canned heat, as well as new blues acts, zydeco from louisiana, etc., all in one weekend? plus great local blues acts like lisa mann. one of the best music festivals ever.
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lovely place, two of the main portland resevoirs are here, easy walk to the top for one of the most beautiful views of the city. during the summer, city parks has wonderful, fun and highly danceable picnic concerts in the evening at the caldera amphitheater. also the yearly track for the portland mercury soap box derby races — some of the most hilarious soap box derby cars ever built. and yes, it's an (allegedly) dormant volcano. which is why we call our house nearby terrazzo de volcàn.
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i love the setting, i love the sound (best stage & sound system in a club in the city, i think), etc. i can't stand this club's "you're lucky we even let you in" attitude. they give you the massive stink eye if you don't do reservations and buy an over priced meal (tho' the food is ok), and the wait staff is among some of the most haughty and rude i've dealt with, and this is when i'm going out of my way to be _nice_ with them. work on the service & 'tude, you'll have a winning club.
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