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Chris Brown
Err..defender of B'ham; WUM; style connoisseur; budding sitcom writer and an all round bad egg. #f365 forummers' forummer of the year [2006, 2009, 2010, 2013]
Err..defender of B'ham; WUM; style connoisseur; budding sitcom writer and an all round bad egg. #f365 forummers' forummer of the year [2006, 2009, 2010, 2013]


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The Dance of Dragons
 If I said to you, I can wave a magic wand and make you the
Prime Minister of the UK for two terms or, instead, I could hand you a cheque
for £250m… Which would you go for? For most people, myself included, it’s a no brainer – you’d
take the money. The app...

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Frozen Hearts
      As Jon Snow wistfully looked back to the rocky shore and
witnessed the top dog of the White Walkers perform his Undertaker schtick,
raise his arms in the air and awake the dead Wildlings…I started to think about
themes that arose during the episode. Y...

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We turned into the stadium car park and drove towards the spotty-faced teenage parking attendant in a fluorescent orange jacket. We wound our window down. 'Where do you want us to park mate?' '...err, yer ova't Mixu Paatelainen zone' Ok, remembe...

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Born to Rule
  In 1513
Florence, as the sound of ringing church bells pervaded the warm air and the
vast plazas swarmed with innumerable purveyors of exotic wares, a rather morose
diplomat named Machiavelli scribbled away under candle light, writing a small
book which w...

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Death By Fire
Game of Thrones returned last night for most of us [although not for the heathens in House PirateBay, who are now almost half way through the bloody series]. I'm resisting joining the pirates. I love Game of Thrones season too much to wipe out almost 50% of...

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Game of Thrones - Season Five
  If you're like me you'll have noticed that where the year was once separated into the four seasons 'Spring' , 'Summer' , 'Autumn' and 'Winter' it's now taken on a totally different complexion segmenting into thirds: 'Summer', 'Winter' and....'Game of Thro...

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Karl H£nry
Right away I'm going to come out and say it... I like Karl Henry as a player He's a rarity in the English game. One of these big, strong, defensive midfielders who can gobble up the centre of the park, break up the play, soak up the pressure and turn the mo...

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The Ramathon - entourage away day special
Everything of worth in Derby seems to be in a straight line separated by about 5 miles. Almost as if the town planner was some cretinous 10 year old playing SIM City for the first time and didn't know the buttons. ' This game's rubbish. I've put the train s...

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The Appointment of Tiger Tim Sherwood
When Aston Villa announced they had hired ‘one of English
football’s most highly sought after managers’ the nation shook with speculation....OK slight overreaction, but many of us were mystified as to the identity of the man championed in such lofty terms. ...

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