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Good job China. 100 days of xenophobia is what we need, thanks.

Today we called the police because our neighbors were using a hammer drill after the citywide law says they're allowed to. Instead of the police telling the neighbors to stop, the police lecture us on "Inclusiveness, Innovation, Patriotism, and Virtue".

I hope you get your wish... but I don't think it's what you want.
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Does it usually result in western women getting assaulted by Chinese men outside grocery stores? Does it usually result in foreign women being chased through the streets of San Li Tun and kicked in the face?
Yeah I've seen a few scuffles myself, but from the way Jesse put it it sounds like Caly may have had some incidents recently... I'm really wondering how big an impact the latest round of anti-foreigner sentiment is having, the stuff on china smack sounds very aggressive
+Graham Vanderplank this isn't all about my experiences. The report of the girl outside the grocery store was from a friend who knows the victim.

Woman kicked in face:
Somebody hit with brick:
Your new welcome page:
General harassment:

No violence has been broughten<sic> on either of us, though.

+Clayton K I don't agree that the foreigner-haters locus is necessarily a point of concern... the fact that they're anywhere is enough to keep me indoors. "Keep your head down" may be reasonable advice, but it does nothing to squelch the sickening sense that my 'kind' of humans aren't wanted/needed in this part of the world. So be it.
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