Who do you think you are to say I wasn't real?

You've seen the real me all along and all that I feel.

You fell in love with a fun-loving, confident, intelligent, and eccentric woman,

It was your "representative" I sadly and unfortunately met - not the REAL man.

Your insecurity and controlling ways I was stupid to conform to,

You took away what was me and in the process I lost myself, too.

You loved the challenge of my wit, spunkiness, and the brutal honesty I still perpetuate,

Why did you change all of a sudden and wanted someone to dominate?

If you constantly need to feel superior because of your insecurities,
Then good luck with that because all you'll get are obscurities.

With an epiphany, I stopped for a moment and took a long, hard look in the mirror;

Just like an apocalypse, the issue wasn't me, it was your own neurotic stupor.

I gave you my all and truly loved you with all my heart, mind, body, and soul;

In return, I got your betrayal of your weakness, lies, and a quitter's heart with an empty hole.

But do not feel sorry for me as I do not pity myself - for survival mode I do not lack,

I'm only left with full of regrets and could only wish this past year I could take back.

My "representative" - the one you THOUGHT you saw and made you flee,

Will haunt your days and nights as you were biased - therefore mistaken about me.

Moving forward - I'm optimistic towards the future in thinking that if our paths shall cross again,

The time to heal all wounds would've taken effect and once more to each other we'll be friends.

~ Scarlett Crimson  2010
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