Book-Chapter "Playability as commodity attribute virtual reality"

The market of electronic goods is fundamentally different from other markets. To
sweat loggers cut down the tree. Cabinetmaker was breathing toxic fumes,
processing the surface of the product. So the buyer will have the possibility day
long laze in the purchased chair.

If previously the employee was engaged in hard physical labor, so that the purchaser
enjoy the goods in a state of idleness, I changed something. Not
all, but a lot.

Click in the e-economy is like a shot in the war. Both precedes
the decision (I'll shoot) and choice (aim). Analysis of the source
data, decision, choice, and click the error is dynamic
developing system.

This system is in equilibrium. The system shows
high indicator of sustainability. Why? For what?

Click is the instrumental nature. Therefore, surveillance cameras capture
external similarity in the actions of the worker Petrova and consumer Ivanov. Both
to perform an act, known as click. (By the way, to switch from
pictures "Petrov at work" image "Ivanov consumes-fun",
the guard need to do... click).

In the case of low playability of the goods worker Petrov made 10.000
clicks and the consumer Ivanov just 100 clicks. In the case of high
playability of the goods worker Petrov made a 10,000 clicks, and the consumer
Ivanov made 15.000 clicks. More importantly, happy Ivanov sent in
company address a request to purchase continuation in line commodity novelties. Then
there, Ivanov informed the marketing Department about its readiness to make another 15.000

Does this mean that the price is determined by the cost per click? No.

If the consumer bought the game for $ 100 and made 1,000 clicks, does
this is what one click cost 10 cents and 10 clicks cost one dollar? No.

Unknown cases when the employee was hired, provided that the salary he
will fulfil a certain number of clicks. Unknown cases when
the buyer swears after purchase to do so many clicks. Though in fact and in
another case, the number of clicks definitely limited. Always.

If the amount of capital could be increased clicks, the capitalist brought
would to physical exhaustion tens of thousands of programmers and coders. Nothing
this is not observed. Click interesting preceding and succeeding

Click preceded by the analysis of the original data. In the clique materializes choice
the final operation for making decisions. Click and the choice is indivisible cell
the e-economy.

Click - this is the work that creates the goods. Suppose that a click is work,
paid in advance from the sales price of the goods. It would seem common place. What
the novelty?

And now, let's consider, it would seem, the same General place, but with a question mark.

What product is created by clicking? Of the sales price of any of the goods in advance
paid clicks? The answers to these pressing issues of our time we find
only in the revolutionary teaching of the error.

We cannot understand in the causation of baseline analysis,
decision-making and choice, if you do not see that the error is satisfied
the most important human need. The need of the employee and the consumer.
Consumer Ivanov meets the requirements of committing errors due
goods (or services rendered), produced by the employee Petrov,
earlier in the labour force has also satisfied the requirements of committing
the error. Failed Petrov produced goods are ready to be wrong Ivanov. Both
they are associated commodity-money relations, for which it is responsible capitalist

Status Smirnova as capitalist provided playability of the goods.

Hiring Petrova, Smirnov knows about playability as yet nonexistent
of the goods. Should know. Remuneration Petrova may increase. if he
will offer a mechanism to increase the playability of the produced goods. Reaction
consumer unpredictable.

Capitalist Smirnov will go bankrupt if the first buyers will not find the goods
playability, and will notify the other participants of the market. To confirm
the status of the capitalist Smirnov necessary to take into account the playability of the goods. On
first glance it seems that we are dealing with bad infinity.
The playability of the goods item 2 should be not lower than the indicator of the number 1.
It is advisable to exceed this indicator for number 1. Accordingly,
the good playability of goods to be sold №3 will definitely be not lower than
index of the product №2.

How is this possible? To what extent? On what territory is expanding
to infinity? On the territory of the earlier we considered VR.

VR is in the sphere of goods production. Despite the apparent
the mystique of cyber-space. The expansion of VR is being implemented jointly
programmers and users. VR becomes the capital in the presence of

Measured, but tending to infinity playability is implemented in

If VR had the ability to transform into capital without playability we would
witness the amazing process. With their mouths open, we would have to see
the transformation of the social group of programmers and coders, which today
employers are kept in "black body", in full capitalists, rentiers. Not
's happening. Why?

The code is an instrument of production. The code is the physical form of the goods. While
playability and VR is a social form of the commodity. As a public
form of good playability may become the capital, and the VR - no. Why?

Why VR as a commodity cannot become a capital?

Because VR depends on playability. VR without playability requires heavy
physical labor. How such an effort agree employees.
Who will discover the secret of turning commodity VR in the capital, he will open the drawer

VR without playability is a habitat and raw materials for salaried employees.
To turn VR in the item for sale, you need to add the playability. And
engaged employees.

The code becomes a commodity through labour programmer and seller.
Playability and VR are consumed because the consumer has the need for
the error. This idea could become a guide for those who are caught in the three
the pines.

When the capitalist hired a programmer and he writes code, where the final product
labour is turning into the capital? Neither by itself code nor the code embodied in the goods
for sale or service, not the capital. Code embodied in VR, is a commodity. VR
endowed with the expected level of playability, is a commodity. Playability
sold product is a commodity.

The owner of the rights to these products may separately to sell the source code, and VR
playability as three different products.

It is important for us that they are the flesh of the product №4. For example, playing in a format
3D. But how is the profit?

With the passage of the entire chain from the programmer and to the user VR becomes
goods and capital in demand playability. Within VR
playability knows no limits.

VR is infinity for increasing playability. Theoretically can VR
to be infinite space. Playability can be endless.

The quantity of the goods inside the VR can be endless.

The playability of goods within the VR can be boundless.

It is not a full list of observations over trademarks properties VR. But clear
thoughts. Where's the saving link?

Where the soil under your feet? Where is the point? Where is the straw that should
to grasp this system of infinity?

What is the secret of turning playability in the capital? In the language of Marxists,
playability creates value of the goods. How?

Making just one click, the consumer (for example, a gamer can do
several errors.

In the hierarchy of values error occupies the highest place. The bug has the highest
the relevance for the subject. 't click, which then can come the team
enable look or a thought, but the error important for today's capitalist.

Error - this is a product that is released to the market in the most different wrapper.

Carnival variety of errors as goods must not deceive experts

To understand what the error is a product is as important as what playability -
this capital. Being a capital, the playability can accumulate or completely
to drain away. Playability can be a treasure and the treasure, or fully
absent despite all the marketing forecasts and actions of professionals

Click - it's not just physical effort. Once you have this working. Click this work.
Click you can buy and sell. The employee is willing to sell a click as the working

The market is extremely interesting different incarnation of a click.

It is well known that the clicks are subject to manipulation in electronic advertising.
On the electronic market, you can sell the promise that click will be made in
the right place at the right time. In addition to marketers and advertisers click
fixed by special services. Information about who and why did click,
is a product for sale to the person concerned.

For our contemporary click almost not associated with the limitations
other work activities.

Why a person commits a thousand clicks, but not the effect disappears
novelty? It ensures the novelty effect of each subsequent clicks? Down
up to the last click?

And Vice versa. Why click +N was the last?

When, how and why somebody now is not motivated to make a click, though not by
because of the loss of novelty effect?

If not lost the novelty effect (again if I click, I don't know what next
happens), why stopped clicks?

The answer is associated with a finite playability and the inexhaustible... ocean errors.
Playability as a resource ischerpaemy. The error as an inexhaustible resource. Potential
cliques as explained by this contradiction. That is, the contradiction between
resource limits playability of inexhaustibility of errors.

Why man does thousand mistakes, but not lost the novelty effect?

Because the bug has inexhaustible potential of novelty.

This is something like a virtual eternal engine. Error is a virtual
perpetual motion. Error - this is a public (!) virtual perpetual motion.

The choice is a virtual unit, not knowing wear. Error and playability -
it is means of production and means of consumption, ensuring diversity
the total social wealth of the society. The error is known as a database.
This is mistake number 1, mistake number 2, mistake number 3, etc

While playability presents indicators - playability 30%, 40%
or 100%. Playability is provided by the amount of such
errors. Errors can be done because achieved playability such
level. Etc.

The playability of the goods is embodied playability.

Today the development of the productive forces inhibited outdated views on
the error and playability.

The proposed theory playability based on the information (the meaning and
value) and axiological perspective (the value, relevance and usefulness)
on error. Playability objectivised in error. Infallibility - source
interference to playability.

Playability may be more or less. No error has
intensity. In playability is fixed a variety of bugs.

Without playability we could think that there are only two mistakes. It
the same mistake number 1 and the error number 2, which is always a choice.
Playability refutes such minimalism.

The infinite depth of VR for the first time in the history of mankind reveals an inexhaustible
potential playability and introduces us to a bewildering variety

Next, we take a closer look at the playability in-game encyclopedia.
Preliminary remark will be associated with the call not to look at encyclopedia
as to the object inside the VR. The encyclopedia is a new cognitive VR.

A conversation about the cognitive potential of the encyclopedia is talking about the potential VR.

Say "encyclopedia", implied VR.

We are interested in the encyclopedia as VR endowed with playability.

The first textbook of operator error (Anatoly Yurkin)  
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