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Ryan Goodman
Helping #Montana ranchers communicate the great work they do. #OkState alumnus, #RedDirt music, #IHeartBeef, #Runner. Thoughts are my own. I'm Agriculture Proud
Helping #Montana ranchers communicate the great work they do. #OkState alumnus, #RedDirt music, #IHeartBeef, #Runner. Thoughts are my own. I'm Agriculture Proud

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NEW #Podcast with #Texas #cotton farmer, Jeremy Brown. #agchat

Beyond the fence post also means that I must be involved. There are so many different aspects to agriculture. The more I learn through involvement, the better I can be as a farmer. I believe that it is important to “AgVocate” for agriculture at the local…

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NEW: 5 Tips for Managing Forage, Grazing Systems. #agchat

Pasture management and grazing systems vary greatly between regions of North America. No matter when the grazing season begins in your area, there are a few common components in preparing to measure and manage your forage and grazing systems. “You can’t…

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Happy National #AgDay! To celebrate, I ask 'Why Are You #AgProud?' #agchat

Hard to believe, but the calendar rolls around on another anniversary for the Agriculture Proud blog! It all started on National Agriculture Day in 2010 and the site continues to grow with even larger audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and…

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NEW Blog: Agriculture Advocacy Takes Place In Many Forms. #agchat #agday

During my recent trip to the 2017 Bayer AgVocacy Forum in San Antonio, Texas, I had the opportunity to catch up with Carson Horn of the Radio Oklahoma Network for an interview. Carson and I spoke about the current role of advocacy and how the need…

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NEW blog post: Poem - The Last of the Virgin Sod. #agchat

As turn the page to Spring when farmers prepare for the season’s planting, I can’t help but think of the smell of freshly turned dirt and the green plants that will soon sprout up. While we have relatively small amounts of native prairie remaining in the…

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NEW #Podcast: #Nebraska farmer shares why #advocacy is an important part of #SmallBiz. #agchat

I must say that I live in my boots. I like all kinds of boots, cowboy boots – fancy and plain, dress boots – tall and short, snow, rain, muck and work boots – yup I like them all. I feel comfortable in my boots, they are part of my everyday life on our…

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NEW #podcast! @DairyCarrie grills me w/ FAQ on #beef and #cattle. #agchat

Want an opportunity to do research with Jack Daniels? Have you considered studying cattle nutrition? Well, I didn’t get to drink any JD as part of the work, but we did get to use some of their by-products from distilling as feed for cattle. On Episode 025…

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NEW #podcast w/ @DairyCarrie - Activists - Should we fight with them? #agchat

We’d be lying if we said occasionally getting into a fight with activists isn’t fun and entertaining. But it is also exhausting and can make you look like a fool. On Episode 023 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, Ryan Goodman and Carrie Mess continue…

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5 restaurants farmers should visit, including Chipotle. #agchat NEW BLOG -

I’m well aware negative spin headlines garner all the attention these days. However, when a fellow ag blogger took on a list of restaurants people should avoid due to anti-science stances, I decided to take a positive look at the story. I believe it can…

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NEW blog: My first ultramarathon distance. #TeamBeef #runchat

Success is not achieved in the comfort zone. Growth occurs when we push ourselves in many facets of life or work and I’ve been successful in doing that for the past few years. Facebook has a way of bringing things around with its On This Day feature and…
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