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Ryan Goodman
Helping #Montana ranchers communicate the great work they do. #OkState alumnus, #RedDirt music, #IHeartBeef, #Runner. Thoughts are my own. I'm Agriculture Proud
Helping #Montana ranchers communicate the great work they do. #OkState alumnus, #RedDirt music, #IHeartBeef, #Runner. Thoughts are my own. I'm Agriculture Proud

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NEW blog post: Yogi was right, the game is half mental. #training #thoughts

Ninety percent of the game is half mental. — Yogi Berra Over the holidays, I grabbed a book off the shelf and started reading. I’ve been working to live by the phrase, Never Stop Learning, while trying to push myself in training for my first 50 mile run…

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NEW #Podcast: Beef and Dairy Checkoffs Over A Beer w/ @DairyCarrie. #agchat

Everyone aside from those too young remembers the iconic television commercials with Sam Elliott, a catchy tune and the phrase – Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner. But what happened to those ads? Many ranchers complain because these ads aren’t front and…

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NEW on the blog: Dealing with Unemployment and Finding a Career Path.

On a Monday in mid-December, I received the unexpected news of company-wide layoffs as the business was restructuring. The company was relatively new in a competitive marketplace. Our rate of adoption was slow, but I’ve come to expect that when the world…

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NEW #podcast: Our Evolution of 'Agvocacy' Over A Beer with @DairyCarrie! #agchat

Agvocacy – a term coined within the agriculture community; commonly used to refer to agriculture advocates. Whether our start was documenting ranch life in Wyoming or selling lingerie on Twitter, our online advocacy has transformed over the past several…

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NEW #podcast: Introducing Over A Beer series with @DairyCarrie

When good friends get together and sit down and catch up over a beer, you never know what will come of the conversation. This is especially true when Dairy Carrie is involved. On Episode 20 of the Agriculture Proud Podcast, we launch a new series,…

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NEW #podcast: Raisin #bison in #Montana for meat. #agchat

In Episode 018 of the podcast, I visited with the National Bison Association to learn more about raising bison commercially across the United States. We touched on a fair number of statistics to describe this sector of the agriculture business on a…

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NEW #Podcast - #Bison ranching in the U.S. and the growing bison meat market. #agchat

When most of us hear about bison and Montana, what comes to mind? Usually, it is images of Yellowstone and free-roaming mammals of American history. While these animals have an important role in our North American heritage, bison is also becoming a…

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NEW on the Blog: Meet me in #Nashville for #CattleCon17 on February 2! #agchat

One of my favorite events of the year is coming up and I can’t wait to see friends and co-workers from across the country as we all converge in Nashville for some great BBQ and live music. Of course, there will be some great educational meetings and…

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NEW on the #blog. Check out this simple #beef #brisket recipe for #sundaysupper.

Last week, I found a beef brisket on sale at Costco and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We’ve had a month or more of sub-freezing temps (more often closer to zero than 20) and a slow-cooked beef dish sounded just like what the chef ordered. I love a…

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NEW: You created viral content. What you do next is more important. #blogchat #protips

Your Facebook post just went viral. Now what? Nothing makes me cringe more than a marketing team who sits down and says, “Ok, let’s create a viral Facebook video.” That’s not the point of social media. You can’t always plan viral content. And one and done…
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