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Stephen Daly
Stephen is a birding and wildlife tour guide and has a passion for taking photographs of birds in flight.
Stephen is a birding and wildlife tour guide and has a passion for taking photographs of birds in flight.
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Purple Herons - Germany
Purple Herons in Europe Purple Heron at  Wagbachniederung, Waghäusel, Baden-Württemberg, Germany Since moving back to southern Germany I've been keen to head up to my 'local' nature reserve and catch up with the Purple Heron colony there as well as many oth...

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Tenerife and La Gomera - Canary Islands, Spain
From the 13th - 18th of March 2017 I guided a short tour for Limosa Holidays to the island of Tenerife.  The tour also included a day trip to La Gomera.  I decided to fly out To Tenerife a few days earlier than other members of the group to refresh my memor...

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Bluethroats and other passerines in Springtime - Germany
Male Bluethroat Male Bluethroat Male Bluethroat, still hiding.... ...and from the back Blue Tit in blossom Chiffchaff in spring Chiffchaff Chaffinch, male European Robin, springtime

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My local Patch - Germany
Probably the commonest raptor species in Germany - The Red Kite Black Kite Black-necked Grebes Greylag Geese Greylag Geese Greylag Geese Long-tailed Tits nest building Two Long-tailed Tits completing their new nest Coal Tit Marsh Harrier, male Peregrine Fal...

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October Tour to Portugal 2013
Sagres Fising Boat Great Shearwater very close...   Day 1. Wednesday 2 nd  of October 2013 We all met without any trouble at Faro airport with Stephen driving along from southern Spain with his own minibus ahead of the main group and meeting Brian and Virgi...

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Kruger Park, South Africa - Life on the Edge for Buttonquails
In the Kruger National Park Common Buttonquails (or Andalusian Hemipodes, as they were know as in Europe, until they became extinct there) are very secretive little birds, spending their lives hidden in vegetation. The males incubate the eggs and look after...

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Blackcap Singing
Blackcaps are quite stocky birds, about the size of house sparrows. They are mainly light grey-brown in colour with the male having a neat black cap on its head, while the female’s cap is chestnut-brown.  In summer, recently fledged young also have a chestn...

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Short-toed Eagles
Short-toed Eagles are medium sized eagles that specialise in hunting reptiles. As their name suggests they have evolved with shorter toes  that enable the bird to flex and squeeze their talons into a tight grip that prevents in particular snakes and lizards...

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Photos from the Krüger National Park
The Kruger National Park is the largest and most famous wildlife reserve in Southern Africa with a staggering diversity of wildlife and plant species all encompassed by beautiful unspoilt scenery. The Park has eleven different entrances, nine of which are o...

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Watching Red-rumped Swallows returning to Spain in spring is always a treat for anyone with an interest in nature...
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