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I have some students who don't turn in assignments. I would like to be able to take back ownership of their work so that they don't work on it beyond the deadline unless they and I agree to that. Is this a feature that's currently available, and I've missed a post, or what? Thanks.

Hi there.
I had a student who somehow changed her name as it appeared in Google Classroom. I THINK she must have changed her personal information in Google, somehow, but she couldn't remember how she did it, and I couldn't replicate it. Does anyone out there know what she did? If it CAN be done, it would be nice for students to be able to go by their preferred name rather than the "official" name provided by their school accounts. Thanks to anyone who can help me on this one.

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Hey Matt.  Here is the link to the single-point rubric I created with OrangeSlice.  Thanks for taking a look at it.

I'm wondering if it was in this community that someone posted about using four decimal places to record student grades.  This way, the teacher was able to keep track of student retakes by using the last three decimal places (which wouldn't affect the overall average enough).  I think the second decimal place was used to record the number of retakes, and the third and fourth decimal places were used to show improvement.  Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks.

Having seen the potential for linking Google Classroom to Google Calendar via sheets (thanks +Andrew Caffrey) can I, as a teacher, join my own class as a student so that I will get emails when I post an assignment AND be able to show students what THEIR screens will look like as I introduce Google Classroom features next year?

+Jesse Spevack  Can formRouter deal with this?
I have created a folder that contains ALL my students' spreadsheets.  I have set up formRouter to send student responses to their files within this folder.  Can I now put students into SUB folders (based upon their class ID#) within the original folder and continue to have the original formRouter send each student's form responses to the correct student's file?  Or will that mess up the pathway?

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+Andrew Stillman I'm attempting to load a one-point rubric as a goobric, but when I go to attach the goobric, it just seems to stall. I only have five students as a trial in this class, is there something I'm doing incorrectly? is it the appearance of the goobric itself? Any ideas?  (I hope it's nothing blatantly obvious!) Cheers

+Andrew Stillman Forgive me if this is a quick fix, but with the "New Tab Page" in Chrome, the URL window seems to have disappeared.  I don't THINK I clicked a button.  How do I get it back? and if I can't get it back because this is an "improvement," how do I access Goobric's icon, which is usually in the URL window?  Thanks.  Sorry to bother you and all that!

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+Andrew Stillman Getting a WEIRD Goobric screen today. I have already graded this assignment for other students, but tried to goobricate this assessment for a late turn in.  Any ideas?

I have added FormMule to this doctopus spreadsheet.  Might that be the issue?

So +Andrew Stillman , right now, Classroom doesn't allow for this, but I'd like to be able to set something up whereby if students either don't turn in their assignments, turn it in incomplete, or get a failing grade on an assignment, an email automatically gets sent to remind them to turn in, complete, or revise their assignment. (If they ignore these emails, I'd like to be able to have the spreadsheet send an email to the parents.) Is there a spreadsheet add-on that would do that, and if so, which one?
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