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As you may or may not know, a clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky named Kim Davis has been arrested for contempt of court after refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, citing religious beliefs as the reason for her refusal. Also, as you may or may not know, homosexual marriage is a hotbed topic in the United States right now and, much like the Civil and Vietnam wars, it has the populace entirely polarized, meaning you're either for it entirely or against it entirely.

Since George W. Bush took office back in 2000, our population has slowly been decaying into what Abraham Lincoln referred to as "a house divided." We are so busy arguing with each other now that all attention has been taken away from the many grave injustices going on in the world today, such as the situation with ISIS in Syria. Sure, they receive media attention from such outlets as CNN and FOX News, but no issue is as hotbed as the Kim Davis controversy.

Reading through posts here on Google+, I noticed a high amount of polarization. Either people believe she is a religious martyr, or they believe her to be a hardened criminal. The cultural effect, however, is that we, as Americans, are becoming before staunch in our personal world view. No longer do we have discussions; we have debates. We have completely closed our minds to opposing views, instead opting to force our beliefs onto others and believing that, if they do not agree with us, they are simply a bad person to be hated.

This was not what our founding fathers intended. They intended for the United States to be a free nation, where all of humanity's views were welcomed. Granted, we are human and our nature dictates that we hold our beliefs in spite of opposing evidence, but we are also of capacity to go against that.

I am not saying we have to agree on everything, but that we must be willing to listen and assimilate new information. We must allow our views to evolve over time. Otherwise, we risk standing still.

I've removed one of my earlier posts, in an effort to write a more clear and concise one. For those of you who commented, I welcome you to comment on the revised version as well. I welcome your feedback!

I have been on an absolute nerdfest for the last few days, starting with a screening of Print the Legend (the 3D printing documentary on +Netflix) and continuing today with the upgrade of my long-outdated desktop PC to the more recent #Windows10 operating system. I'm also taking the time to use my new +TuneIn app to listen to StarTalk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I get any more nerdy, I'm going to explode!

Since it's currently a hotbed topic here on Google+, not to mention everywhere else, I may as well give my opinion on the recent #SCOTUS  decision regarding marriage equality.

I have nothing against homosexual people. I have several homosexual relatives, both by blood and by relation. I have interacted with those in the LGBT community, both online and in person. Regardless of my views on this particular topic, I am not a homophobe and my post should be read as such. With that being said, I must say that I am against the entire "marriage equality" thing.

My reasons are not religious, even though I am a man of faith. I do not hide behind my religion when it comes to clearly political topics such as this. I firmly believe that the separation of church and state does not only apply to governments, but individuals, as well. I tend to look at this issue from a scientific standpoint and how it could forward the human element.

The fact is it can't. Without the reproductive capabilities of the "one man - one woman" relationship, the human race, over the generations, would dwindle to almost extinctive levels. On a psychological level, for the adoptive children of a same-sex marriage, they could have feelings of being an outcast, making them more susceptible to peer pressure from their fellow students which, in turn, would lead to a higher percentage of alcohol and substance abuse in the younger generations. 

While my claims are, indeed, based upon scientific study, this post is still just my opinion. By all means, if you are of consenting age and are mature enough to handle the institution of marriage, feel free to do so. Just know that marriage is not a "walk in the park" and should not be taken lightly. It took me 4 marriages to the same woman to learn that.

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For those of you who read my blog post (before it was removed, at least) and said that the Apple Watch would never be used as a video device, you should definitely check out this article and learn to eat your words!

Theory: Numbers, while infinite in their value, actually start at the number 1 and come to an end at the number 10.

This is because other numbers, such as 60, is merely the counting of six tens. And it's the same with larger numbers, such as 136, which is simply 13 sixes. And that 13, in fact, is two-threes.

This brings to light another aspect of this theory, which I will add presently:  numbers are, in fact, incorrect in their notation, except those in the ten range (10, 20, 30, etc.). Consider this:  you have to count to four twice to reach 14, yet it is named with a "1" instead of a "2". Which means the initial number system should instead be named with a "1", turning one into 11 and two into 12, etc.

Please keep in mind that I am not a mathematician, and I welcome any feedback from the mathematics community. I would love to hear what you think of this theory or, on the flipside, any theories you may have!

  #AmericanTheorist #MathIsFun  

I know many people don't agree with the need for a military force in this country, but keep this in mind:  just because you don't agree with your boss doesn't mean you don't do what he tells you, right? Soldiers are the same way. They go where they are ordered and, unlike those who get to go home at five o' clock, they don't get to come home for months or maybe even, sometimes, years. So, cut the soldiers some slack this #MemorialDay . They've deserved it.

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I am considering going for a few CompTIA certifications (namely A+, Network+, Security+, and Linux+). My question is this:  after receiving the certifications, how fast did you, or someone you know who also received the certification, get a job using them?

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Happy 35th Anniversary, Pac-Man! It's hard to believe that one of the key games I played growing up is actually older than I am! Today, I plan on firing up the emulators and diving headlong into Pac-Mania! #PacMan  
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