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As a new 2017 season approaches, I just wanted to look back on what a great 2016 season we had!

Right off the bat starting in May we enjoyed great cod and haddock fishing with lots of action being had on most days. The haddock fishing was some of the better we have seen in previous years fishing in relatively shallow water too which is always nice! A good handful of sharks showed up as well as they are always looking for a free meal as you reel your catch up off of the bottom, always makes things interesting. Many groups were taking there fresh catch right off of the boat and bringing it up to the outdoor bar at the Marina as they will cook it up however you like!

The Striped Bass fishing was productive with some big Stripers being landed. They always put up a great fight and give the angler a great battle. The Striped Bass started showing up in mid May and it continues to get better from there as the baitfish make there way up to the Gloucester coast. Striped Bass continue to be New England’s favorite and are always a great fish to target and can make for a fun day on the water as they are great table fare as well!

We had some great days out Bluefin Tuna Fishing as the ocean life off of Gloucester was excellent. Lots of baitfish which the tuna show up here for to feed and to thrive on. Always great showing up to a area where you see numerous whales and lots of bird activity you know the tuna are not far behind. A few different size class fish showed up as we caught tuna ranging from 100lbs up to 800lbs. You never know on a given day what size fish is going to bite the line. It is an amazing fishery we have here off of Gloucester, MA being part of catching one of these Bluefin tuna is something you will soon not forget. They truly are the gladiators of the ocean!

Enjoy a few nice pictures from our season and never hesitate to call or email with any questions at all you may have booking your trip with us. Thank you

Capt Collin MacKenzie

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Excellent 2015 season aboard the Karen Lynn! Great all around fishing enjoyed by many new and returning clients.
We started out bottom fishing for Cod and Haddock on May 1, which always creates a fun atmosphere. The fishing was pretty consistent all through the summer. Most trips we are usually anchored up and dropping down rigs baited with clams. You never know what you be reeling up from the deep which keeps things interesting. Almost always we would run into a few Pollock and Cusk to go along with the Cod and Haddock. We also had many trips with Shark encounters. As your reeling up your fish from the bottom they tend to grab it right off the hook or you getting back just the head. Always creates excitement as we keep our shark rod ready to go. We will set someone up in the stand up fighting gear and toss out a bait. More often than not the shark is still hanging around and will take the bait. Makes for a great battle and a unique experience bringing a large Shark up next to the boat!
The Striped Bass showed up pretty good starting in late May early June off of the Gloucester shoreline. They tend to produce fun and exciting action on lighter tackle as they always put up a good fight. They can be very aggressive chasing the live bait and coming right out of the water after it. I always enjoy watching clients battle there first Striped Bass as they are usually hooked on fishing shortly after! Striped Bass fishing can be a great way to spend the day out on the water.
The World Class Bluefin Tuna fishery we have off of Gloucester, MA proved to be a fairly productive season. On most days we had a good shot at hooking into a tuna, some slower days here and there of course but overall it was good. Lots of bait in most of the areas we fish which is always a good sign and will keep the tuna hanging around and aggressive to feed. A few different size class tuna were in the mix as we caught fish from a 100lbs up to 900lbs. On one trip we hooked into two 600lb class fish at the same time we got lucky and landed them both which was quite the memory for the lucky charter on board! Fishing for Bluefin Tuna out of Gloucester, MA can be a unique experience in itself hooking and landing one will truly create the memory of a lifetime!
Please feel free to call or email anytime with any questions at all in regards to booking your trip with Karen Lynn Charters. Thank You

Capt.Collin Mackenzie
Karen Lynn Charters
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We enjoyed some great fishing on the Karen Lynn during the 2014 season. Starting off in May with excellent ground fishing for Cod and Haddock, many days with great action and bent rods allowing clients to take home some of the tastiest fish the ocean has to offer. On most Cod and Haddock trips we usually had a run in with a shark. Mostly blue sharks but an occasional Porbeagle or Mako shark would show up which can be an excellent fight as well as good table fare, always exciting seeing a big shark swim up behind the boat.
A great mix of Striped Bass started showing up in late May right behind the mackerel. Creating some fun and exciting action on most trips with great Striped Bass fishing continuing through June and July. With some Monster Striped Bass being landed, some times it takes patience waiting on that big one to come along but it is certainly worth it. Some big Stripers around this season as we landed a few coming close to the 50 pound mark. The coast of Gloucester offers some great Striped Bass Fishing with the chance of catching a true trophy Striped Bass!
The Blue fin Tuna offered up some great action with the season running into November. We usually had a good shot at them on most days, some true Giants showed up with our biggest being around 900 pounds. Lots of bait and whales around which is always a good thing. High hopes for new season as new groups and different size class tuna should be showing up. Gloucester offers up some of the best Blue Fin Tuna Fishing in the world, truly a memory of a lifetime seeing one of these fish pulled on deck!
Thanks to all who joined us aboard the Karen Lynn we always appreciate returning clients as well as all the new clients who joined us and we hope to see you again. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones creating some great memories on the water! Please feel free to call or email with any questions at all regarding your trip on the Karen Lynn.
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