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Human enhancement and the future of work is a recently issued report from a joint workshop hosted by the Academy of Medical Sciences, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society in the United Kingdom and is destined to become a landmark in the history of Transhumanism and specifically human enhancement research.

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Pronoid Shenanigans

Pronoid Shenanigans Are Poised To Erupt
From Every Present Moment - Resistance Is Futile

That awkward moment when you realize the rest of the universe have always conspired to help you.

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Last G+ post possibly forever. I've decided social media is a rip off. I'm withdrawing from it completely.

I am looking for an experienced mobile game developer from my me privately if this is you.

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A nice little article about why artificial social hierarchies such as those created and reinforced by bad social design matter. The author is 22 years old! Smart kid.

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But keeping tech "fashionistas" buzzing does not create a successful social media service. Dumb.

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Most useful thing here so far IMO.
This is pretty cool: Google is working on deeper integration between G+ Hangouts and YouTube Live, meaning you can watch a livestream and chat about it with friends in a Hangout.

They've quietly enabled this feature in Hangouts already, apparently:

1. Start a Hangouts session in Google+ and invite your contacts to join you.

2. In a separate browser tab, head over to and select a live stream of your choice.

3. Copy the YouTube video I.D. of the selected live stream. Not sure how to find it? Just click on the share link below the video. You’ll get to see a link like – the cryptic code after the slash is the video I.D.

4. Switch back to hangouts, open the video tab and search for the I.D. Click play, and you’re all set.

Anyone wanna try it and let us know if it works?
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