Wednesday marked the 60th Anniversary of the Moondog Coronation Ball, widely seen as the first rock and roll show. In celebrating the anniversary, the first thing I thought of was biological classification and a Guided by Voices song. You too, right?
Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the first Rock and Roll show with…Guided by Voices

Nearly 20, 000 people were beating on the doors of a venue that would hold less than 10, 000 shouting “Let us in!” Tickets for the second night had all been printed with the same date as the first. The police waded into the crowd and ordered the opening act, Paul “Huckerbuckers” Williams to stop shortly after he began. A man was stabbed as the confused crowd dispersed. On the surface, The Moondog Coronation Ball, March 21, 1952 in Cleveland, was a total disaster.
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