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christopher zisi
Movie enthusiast (classic, B Movie, and horror), husband and father of two.
Movie enthusiast (classic, B Movie, and horror), husband and father of two.

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Quarries, Women in the Wild
What lies deep inside you?  Is it something like marble...strong, solid, reliable, able to make a good base?  Or is it mud and sediment...worthless and soupy?  Push yourself past the limits that have been self set, and you'll find out just what lies at the ...

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Bloody Pit of Horror, Torturing the Impure
The benefits of being the BFF of the Marquis De Sade are numerous.  In the case of The Crimson Executioner, the most notable perk is an endless supply of nubile young lasses.  See, if you're the Crimson Executioner, you have your work cut out for you.  The ...

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The Phantom Light, Eerie Doings in Wales
Ghosts! Murder! Sabotage! Insanity! Conspiracy!  Oh yes, a good one today.  Set in an old lighthouse off the coast of Wales, we have 1935's "The Phantom Light." Dark nights, raging seas, claustrophobic settings highlight this horror/mystery tale.  Throw in ...

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Pigs, Men are Pigs...Women are Psychos
Ahhh, pigs and the psychos who love them. We will avoid dissecting a 1970s drive-in film for the social commentary and take a literal look at 1972's "Pigs."  Who among us hasn't scrambled for a quick and easy way to get rid of a corpse?  As our friends in t...

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Winterbeast, Clay-mation Terror
How can a 1992 film utilizing clay-mation and stop-motion f/x  for the creatures be bad?  Exactly!  "Winterbeast" may be low-budget and suffer from sub-par acting and writing, but it is so much fun. In an age of overused CGI, this Massachusetts made horror ...

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Witchboard, Ouija Board Havoc
The very beautiful Tawny Kitaen has a ferocious side.  In 2002 she kicked the daylights out of her husband, Major League pitcher, Chuck Finley.  15 years previous, in the 1986 film "Witchboard," a possessed Kitaen would do the same to actor Todd Allen.  I'm...

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Iced, A Naked Wednesday
She's all grown up!  America's favorite macabre kiddo...Wednesday (Lisa Loring) from the 1960's hit show, "The Addams Family."  In 1988's "Iced," Lisa Loring delivers a mostly nude and very bouncy performance before meeting an icy demise...also in the nude....

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The Bleeder, Death of the Rock Cats
They're beautiful. They're blonde. They wear tight satin pants, high-heeled boots and leopard print tops. They will make you forget about ABBA and Roxette.  The Swedish all-girl band Rock Cats! Uh oh, these damsels will be put in great distress and might no...

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The Blood Drinkers, Vampire in the Philippines
It wasn't called color-rama, but it should have been.  The film technique where a red filter is used every time a vampire has feeding on his mind.  Perhaps the "Underworld" franchise was wise to discard that technique, but for 1964's "The Blood Drinkers," c...

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Girls Nite Out, The Bear vs. Cheerleaders
In 1977, Marquette, a heavy underdog to Dean Smith's North Carolina Tar Heels, stunned the sports world.  Coached by Al McGuire, the Warriors upset the heavily favored UNC.  In poetic fashion, the final television shot of the game was a tearful, but victori...
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