It's officially a Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 11:35pm EST.

This is a super perigree moon. This full moon will be 30 percent brighter and appear 14 percent larger than other full moons giving us all a super connection to the moons energy. We'll be seeing images of the moon in the news this weekend for sure. Tides are expected to be a bit higher as well.

The Bay of Fundy in Eastern Canada has the highest tides in the world, so they'll surely enjoy the majesty of the ocean with slightly higher tides this weekend. The moon will look very larger especially when it appears on the horizon.

Waves crashing at night and a dark, mysterious castle on the hill remind us of Scorpio. Just what's happening in the depths of the ocean and in that castle?

This full moon brings us deep into the water. Our reactions will be more noticeably instinctual. Psychic insights will be heightened now.

Dreams may bring up.... more at link #astrology #horoscope #fullmoon´╗┐
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