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Download "File Manager" for Android and use the code 52EEF599A717D to get an invite for free!

Google plus adds feature allows you to see when someone is typing a message to you. Just like... What's that irrelevant messenger app on.... 

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Nothing like homemade pizza for Sunday dinner...

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What irritates me about the whole JoePa situation is not that he got fired. It is 100% understandable, albeit it should have been handled better considering all that he has done for the university. No, what irritates me most is the people who make him out to be worse than Sandusky, when, as determined by the Grand Jury, he did everything required of him by law, not necessarily morally, but by law. Furthermore, of the people who villify him, I am curious how many are Catholic, and are not angered more by their Pope, who is both directly and indirectly responsible for the continual molestation of 1000s.

Penn State is right to clean house, but that includes McQueary, who should be held even more accountable than JoePa, since he witnessed the incident and did not report it to the authorities.

Most of all, the animosity should be focused on Sandusky, who it seems has been completely lost in all of this turmoil. Anger abounds, but it is not being directed at the one person directly responsible for all of the pain.

Well, I receive my motorola xoom back from motorola with my nifty free upgrade to 4G LTE and Android 3.2.2. Thanks for fucking me Motorola. This thing is now a paperweight. Force close and freeze are not its two sole functions now.
If anyone has the chance to upgrade to LTE, don't. It is a fucking disaster. 

Well, it appears Steve Jobs is really going to prove you can literally store anything in your iCloud.
RIP Mr. Jobs.

PS. NO, Michelle Bachmann you and your tea party jack offs can't use this to support your notion that Obamacare kills Jobs. 

Herman Cain, 9-9-9 upside down is 6-6-6. It doesn't take genius to figure out this is, hands down, the worst tax reform idea since 2001 and 2003. How one can't see this lowers taxes on the top and raises it on the bottom earners is beyond me.
PS. It isn't class warfare when the abused fight back-it's self defense. In this case, it is self defense. 

OK Motorola and Verizon let's talk about the fuck job you're giving the first adopters of Motorola Xoom. We bought it in March and were told we would be seeing our free LTE upgrade by the end of Q2. Well Q2 comes and goes and nothing but being told sometime in July you should see the upgrade. OK, fine. It is what it is, even with Ja saying Xoom would be the first tablet to have 4G. Fast forward to the third week in September... Motorola announces not one but two 4G ready Xoom tablets to come on market by end of November. Note: this will be 3 months after Samsung launched their 4G tablet. Not only in Xoom one not the first 4G, neither is Xoom 2 or 2a. Today, one week after xoom 2s are announced, Motorola and Verizon announce the free upgrade to 4G LTE for xoom one. Now here is the best part you assholes tell us it is about a 6 business day turnaround. If i get the necessary packing from you on Friday, it goes out on Monday via fed ex. 6 business days is the following Monday... A holiday. So, now it is Tuesday the 12th. Verizon reports that October 14th is when the Xoom with pre installed LTE will be available for in store purchase for a full $100 LESS than what we paid for it. One month later, xoom 2 comes out. I am failing to see how you think this is fair. You made a point of rewarding early adopters with the free upgrade to LTE. How free issues it when 2 days later I can get it for 100 less than what I paid if i just walk into the store?
You suck!

Respectfully yours


P.S. You suck 
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