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Day 350: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 1
I'd like to share my experience with living the word Equality within the context of day to day interactions with people, and specifically in the context of relationships. In my previous relationship experience there were many scenarios in which I would reac...

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Album Review: "Higher Purpose" by J Jesus --- Meaningful Music!
Congratulations to my fellow Destonian J Jesus on the release of his new album Higher Purpose! Get it here: And check out Desteni:

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Day 349: Being Solution Oriented when Facing a Creative Standstill
I recently reached a 'creative standstill' in my painting, and here I share how I assisted and supported myself to apply being Solution Oriented in order transform this scenario from an emotionally charged experience, to a learning experience and opportunit...

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Day 348: Desteni Principles: How I Live the word Peace in my daily Life
Sharing a dimension of the way I live the word Peace and what Peace means to me in my day to day life. Dedicated to Desteni and everyone involved; grateful for the daily support, tools, and inspiration from everyone over the past 9 years of my life, which h...

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Day 347: Daily Desteni Principles: Building a paint rack in my studio
Sharing a bit about the role that the application of redefining and living words within practicality and common sense plays in my process of changing myself from someone who is 'hardwired for self disempowerment', to being someone who is solution oriented. ...

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Day 346: I only ever have to change for One Day
Do you struggle with stopping a habit or pattern? Do you get depressed and want to give up when you are in the process of learning something or developing a new skill or routine, and you have a day where you don't experience significant progress or results?...

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Day 345: Which Face and Voice Expressions do you React to?
Sharing how through a process of repeating conflicts (consequences) manifesting in my life, I finally asked myself the right questions which opened up why I kept falling into such intense reactions of defensiveness when someone would react within 'being ups...

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Day 344: Reflecting on Life as a Destonian
Continuing from my previous Vlog, here I'm sharing more reflections on how my life as a Destonian, assisting and supporting myself with the tools of Breathing, Self Writing, Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, and Practical Self Corrective Statements and Applic...

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Day 343: Principled Living vs. Energetic Survival Intro
This vlog is an intro to me sharing my experience with the difference between Spirituality as positive experiences generated through knowledge, information and symbols -- and Principled Living as a Destonian, learning to stand One and Equal with all scenari...

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Day 342: Giving Self The Thrill of Living
Do you find that there is a particular Energy / Mind addiction or habit that you struggle to give up / let go of? Would you say that the reason you like your addiction so much, is because it adds a 'Thrill' to your otherwise 'boring life'? Recently I had be...
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