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Okay, I had some time today and decided it was time to begin working on this page for the sake of the website.  I'm always open to suggestions, so you can post them here or email me from my website if you like.  Thanks for bearing with me as I 'get my build on.' 
At some point, I'm going to check and see if there is a way for me to put my Newsletter recipients in as 'Customers' so that a copy of the Newsletter can be sent to each one of them while being posted here as well.  I have to determine if it can be done without revealing any information, so will first experiment with the process by sending mailings from here to my own various email IDs and see if any of them show up with too much info.  I'm currently using Gmail and sending the Newsletter by Blind Copy so that all that appears for the reader is 'undisclosed recipients.'  Thanks!!

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Everyone please feel free to offer suggestions as to how I can make my G+ site more user friendly for you. Also feel free to offer suggestions as to how I can make it more user friendly for ME, lol. \
Thanks a bunch,

Finally got the code rewritten to work on my web pages for the Plus 1 buttons. I'll be getting those on the pages as I have time, but for now the only one is on the Vintage Japanese Garments main page. Bear with me!
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