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Banana bread
I felt like sharing this recipe for banana bread on mbakes because when I was testing it as a bundt cake, it took about five attempts to nail. It’s the sort of banana bread that tastes best when eaten the day it’s baked, when the the outer crust is still cr...

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No bake cheesecake with black pepper strawberries
Hello. It’s me. I’m still here, I’m just mostly on the other side, watching Tasty video after Tasty video and admiring all the drippy cakes on Instagram. A lot has changed since I last blogged, food seems to be moving in the direction of fast forward videos...

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Violet iced gems
These violet coloured gems were cobbled together from a batch of leftover pastry, and the remaining whites of an egg that I used to brush over Tom Kerridge’s milk buns recipe . I’m not trying to go off focus, but if there is ever a bun that needs to accompa...

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Loganberry ripple ice cream with chocolate wafers
Until my electrical ice cream machine with built-in freezer magically turns up, home-making proper ice cream is on hold. Hand churning for 6 hours does produce smooth ice cream but the risk of crystallisation is high. Plus, who has a spare 6 hours to spend ...

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Chocolate peanut butter pie
Peanut butter can be so sticky to eat. Yes, I know, it’s sweet and salty, smooth or crunchy, but the thickness of it makes me feel like a dog playing with a Kong. That said, mixing peanut butter with honey and cream cheese and folding in glorious whipped cr...

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Tahini buns (tahinli çörek)
While I agree there’s nothing better than dipping a big chunk of warm bread in a bowl of tahini, recipes with tahini are endless and just…good. The Cake Hunter told me that she uses it to make vegan chocolate fudge. Another genius use for tahini is to stir ...

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Pistachio and cashew baklava
Baklava can be tooth achingly sweet and sometimes that sweetness overpowers, as if there’s varying textures of sweetness and nothing else. But when you’ve tasted baklava from one of its (many!) home counties, it's almost like a rude awakening to the fact th...

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Blood orange drizzle cake
It doesn’t get much more humiliating than having your last post be festive themed… Trees are blossoming and British men are shorts-clad in 10-degree weather. Then there I am, blogging an out of season drizzle cake.  Cakes that require baking in rectangular ...

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Mincemeat and frangipane tart
As we get older, do our sweet-buds start appreciating the finer desserts in life, do we prefer treacle steamed pudding to whipped cream covered microwave brownie with toffee sauce? I’m 22 today and I cannot be bothered for birthday cake. Steamed pudding or ...

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Yeasted Almond and Sea Salt Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie
Inside our flat there is a seven-foot tree held in position by the ceiling . This year we chose a sparing selection of fancy shmancy £4-a-pop John Lewis decorations instead of 100 glittery baubles from the Pound Land.  The tree is leaning slightly to the le...
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