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Flourless caramelised white chocolate and mini egg cake
My contribution to Easter: taking a recipe
that really really doesn’t need to be any sweeter, and adding Mini Eggs to it. It
sounds gross, but most of what baking is is layering sweet things on top of
each other. You’re supposed to introduce a savoury eleme...
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Chamomile buttermilk pie in a chocolate crust
Another day, another pie. I promise that my next post will not have a
short crust casing! It might be something round, but that’s about as pie-like
as it’s gonna get. As for the last of the pie chronicles, this one took me by
surprise. It claims to be a but...
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Rhubarb kadaif pie
I don’t really eat pies with the filling in mind. For me
it’s all about the pastry mixed together with custard and a bit of the fruit
juices – that makes the perfect mouthful of pie and any chunks of soggy fruit
just get in the way of my pleasurable experie...
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Rhubarb Bakewell pie
I’m having a pie moment and according to this blog, it’s an
on-going moment that has lasted four glorious months and shows no signs of
ending. From the outside, this particular pie looks like it has the chicken pox
virus but if you dig deeper you’ll see tha...
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Matcha buttermilk white bottom pie
I am a
month late to the party, but can we talk about Cat Person? You would be hard
pressed to find a millennial woman who hasn’t experienced something similar, or
at least can relate to a fraction of the short story. Something that maddened
me most, aside ...
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Pear, cardamom and chocolate rustic tart
I was listening to a podcast the other day that started by
saying that every plate of food has a story. If you asked me, what is the story
of my rustic tart? I would say I finished a stretch of bakery shifts, I came
home, I made the pastry dough. I woke up,...
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Sweet potato pie with whipped cream and maple pecans
year my sister asked for a sweet potato pie topped with burnt marshmallow for
us to have on the Christmas table . The pie didn’t make it to table, but we
certainly weren’t short on American offerings. It was the second year running
for having completel...
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Salted caramel stuffed chocolate chip cookies
Deb of Smitten
Kitchen was right when she said there’s nothing new to add to the chocolate
chip cookie conversation. But you can take egg whites away and be left with a
cookie that is crispier and richer than one made with a whole egg. There’s
nothing new a...
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Danish buns with Biscoff spread
You could spread anything sweet and smooth between spirals
of pastry and have it be a hit. Since 2015, I’ve had this boring habit of photographing
bakes with the intention of posting them on mbakes and then forgetting about it
until the next itch to create ...
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Banana bread
I felt like sharing this recipe for banana bread on mbakes because when I was testing it as a bundt cake, it took about five attempts to nail. It’s the sort of banana bread that tastes best when eaten the day it’s baked, when the the outer crust is still cr...
Banana bread
Banana bread
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