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Mrs Egeus
#dream40 - I got excited, so I got married... I’m still married.
#dream40 - I got excited, so I got married... I’m still married.

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I said I’d sleep with him under the open sky if he could make the moon shine for me. #dream40

All those men puffed up in tights and striding about like the world’s their stage #dream40

I’ll scatter myself to the roads, sleep under the hawthorn and live on cowslips and wild garlic. #dream40

I wouldn’t know how to handle the question of moonshine #dream40

My daughter tells me in Borneo the last orang-utan has tied himself around the last tree as the saws whirr close #dream40  

Words that once were bee stings but now suck honey from my wounds #dream40  

Such love letters that would set the trees alight #dream40

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Far be it from me to point out the obvious to the hard-working men of Athens, but 50% of the population do not have a beard coming. Have they considered one of us might be more appropriate for the role? I call it Venus envy. I have no problem at all with your transvestism but please don’t use poorly executed theatre as an opportunity to indulge it. #dream40  

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Oh sorry, did I shriek? I just saw a clown, pretending to be a weaver, pretending to be an actor, pretending to be a lion. Terrifying! #dream40

Perhaps it’s time for Athenian women to become more concerned with the fairness of their situation above the fairness of their skin. #dream40
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