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I think therefore I fall over

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Now here's a shrub that really needs to be educated to the facts of the repression and oppression the rioters have had to live with all through the years.

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As an ‘Independent’ it’s amusing me to watch the political followers on both sides in politics.  I’ve been a political analyst for about 25 years (hobby), so I do keep up with the raw data (you know ‘facts) and I want to lay down my opinion about what type of a leader we have or don’t have in President Obama.

- 1st let me state my initial observations:  All politicians lie!  All politicians screw up!  All politicians say stupid stuff!  And all Presidents will be judged positively or negatively within their term/s on things that happen – whether they were the cause of it happening or not.

So the prevailing comment I hear on social networking is that President Obama is a failure.  The worst President we have ever had.   Well I have been following this presidency as I have others – and I completely disagree !  But unlike other people – I am going to give you the common sense reasons and facts as to why I disagree; I am not just going to render another OPINION here (I think those come a dime a dozen) – I am actually giving you some raw facts.  

Top Controversial Issues and my take on them (based on fact)..
1. Benghazi.  It was a terrible tragedy.  Yes - people screw-up!  Yes, I was angry too.  - Now the investigations of this event have concluded.  However, this event still remains an obsession with some in politics.  What they are not telling you though is – in the last administration (Bush’s) 13 Embassies were attacked and 60 Americans were killed, including a diplomat as well.  My question:   Where was the outrage then!
2. ACA (ObamaCare).  No I don’t agree that it was a good idea to push this, when the focus should have been completely on ‘jobs’.. With that said I will say this:  Over the past 40+ years through bad economy, etc. the cost of healthcare has gone up and up with healthcare companies lining the pockets of politicians – in 2006 that cost hit 2.5 Trillion a year for our citizens.  40+ years we did NOTHING !!!  No help at all for us by our government who is elected to serve its people.  Still we bash the only thing to come along and offer no substantial alternative for the people out of work from bad management of the economy, our veterans who are now senior citizens, on and on.  (Enough said!)
3. 18 Trillion in debt and 45% of it attributed to Obama.  These are not facts..  This has been falsely perpetuated by politics.  It is a known fact that at least 16.8 Trillion (over 93%) of this is related to Reagan and the Bush’s policies - pay no attention to that person behind the curtain....  (see )
4. Obama’s Immigration Amnesty..  The media and politicians are making this all about Obama.  Which is kind of funny cause every single President dating all the way back to Reagan has been granting Amnesty to about the same percentage of Illegals.  Personally I don’t agree with it – but it’s not just an Obama thing – like they would like you to believe..  lol
5. Obama causing Racial divide.   This country has had racial problems since its history – don’t blame this on Obama.  And he’s not causing this either.  There have been plenty of racial comments from both parties in the last 6 years that can attest to that!  Here is a list of some events (as an example) that have never happened with any other President in history – that happened to Obama.  a.  Joe Wilson calling out ‘You Lie’ at the State of the Union Address.  b. a sitting President being called Hitler.  c.  Tea Party supporters spitting on African American members of Congress.   d.  A sitting President being called a Muslim Terrorist.  e.  First Lady being called (well I won't repeat it)…  Well the list goes on.  Obama citing racial tensions – I don’t think so.  There is still enough racism to go around in this country.  Yes, he steps out of bounds defending other African American citizens on various events – probably not the best move as President (in the current climate).
6. Birthers – Obama is not an American.  Boy this has legs.  So we have 535 members of congress and the best attorney’s money can buy throughout America trying to prove he is not an American and his birth certificate must be false (not to mention all the conspiracy theories).  My conclusion:  He must either be a legitimate American (wouldn’t have become President otherwise) or he just happens to be the smartest man on the planet !  In which case we need him as President !!!   lol
7. He’s Muslim, he’s not a Christian.   Well this one was put to rest before he ever became President (or at least for most people).   Except for the 6 years his father took him to Indonesia (between 4-10 yrs old), Obama was raised by his Christian Mother and follows the Christian religion.  Because of his name and fathers background, a lot of untruths have been spread by certain political pundits – but it’s false.  By the way - what if he's muslim?  Did you know Muslims have been living in this country for over 250 years!  A Muslim was even elected to serve under Presidential administrations 200 years ago.  It wasn't until the 1970's - when muslim terrorist first reared their heads.  (Think about that !)
8. Socialist.  See Economy below.   Facts do not support the President being a socialist, it’s actually the opposite.  Lol
9. Take your Guns Away.  Well it’s been 6 years.  Don’t think your guns have been taken away.  Again, quite the opposite.  Gun ownership is up.  I would like to note something here.  This is something that is perpetuated under every democratic President and it sells.  Also, additional safety precautions around the use of guns and background checks to make sure lunatics don’t get their hands on weapons is a good thing, and does not mean your guns will be taken away. Lol

So – the last question remains.  Is President Obama a ‘FAILED’ President ?  Well here is my list - (my top 45) that supports my analysis – that he is a very good President and despite what some may feel;  History will judge him such.  For some that fact is excruciating!!!

Foreign Policy/Defense/Security
1. Caught and killed the #1 and #2 on the world Terrorist Watch list (Osama Bin Laden, Anwar Al Awlaki).
2. Killed 20 of the top terrorist in the world.
3. Launched over 160 attacks on Terrorist Targets throughout the world.
4. Withdrew troops from Iraq a year before Bush’s signed withdrawal was scheduled.
5. Repeal DADT
6. Strengthen Military Intelligence with Israel
7. Established No-fly in Libya
8. Withdrawing plans for Afghanistan (bringing troops home already)
9. Reduced prisoners are Guantanamo by 48%
10. Improvement to the G.I. Bill
11. Lower the amount of Americans in War zones
12. Beefed up border security (lowest # of border crossings in 40 years)

13. Saved 2 American Car Companies
14. Stabilized the housing market
15. Economy has gained about 5 times more jobs, than under President Bush – economic growth at a 11-year high.
16. Corporation profits have nearly tripled (in 2014 – up 182%)  Stock prices have soared (rich have gotten richer)
17. For 95% of us, Income taxes are lower than in any time of the last 50 years
18. S&P has gone up 156%
19. Wind & Solar Power  - up 248%
20. U.S. Crude Oil Production up 76% - causing less dependence on foreign oil
21. Added 6.4 Million Jobs – Job growth at a 15-year high
22. Unemployment rate down from 10.1% to 5.6%
23. Long term unemployment has risen 86,000
24. 47 Million Americans on food stamps (we had the 2nd largest recession in our history – what do you expect)
25. 65 straight months of economic growth
26. 56 months of private section job growth – longest period in U.S. history
27. Spending have increased on 1.4% annually, lower rate since Eisenhower
28. Credit Card Reform
29. Budget Deficit has been reduced by 66%.
30. Record stock market growth (have increase over 10,000 points to a record high)
31. Consumer confidence grew from 37.7% to 94.5%
32. Gas prices are at historic lows (yes that’s really not a factor at all; but if you can blame presidents brutally for bad gas prices, you can credit them too I suppose .. lol)
33. American Manufacturing is improving
34. The uninsured rates are dropping
35. 18 Trillion in debt - Obama to blame is the biggest myth out there!  16.8 Trillion (93%) of this debt is attributed to policies that were in place previously (by Reagan and the Bush’s) – just a note as well:  in 2006 we were paying ½ trillion a year on interest, it is up to 800 billion a year now)

Domestic Items
36. Barack and Michelle have decreased veteran homelessness by 33% across the country in the last 4 years.  Plans to eradicate this by the end of 2015.
37. Fair pay act for Women
38. Largest investment in Education ever in U.S. history.
39. Improvement to the G.I. Bill
40. Reduced student loans
41. Allowed states to vote on both medical and recreation use of marijuana
42. Eliminated barriers on the Defense against Marriage Act, so they can be voted on by each state.
43. Overhauled healthcare.  7 more million Americans have health insurance
44. Life of Medicare has been extended 13 years due to ACA
45. Slowest rate of increase in healthcare cost since 1960.

Folks..  We can have our disagreements (that when we are at our best anyway).  You can dislike the President all you want (hey that's our right).  And if you did not vote for him in the last election that's ok too (hell, I didn't either.  lol).  - But these facts are indisputable !  They are facts.  And this does not translate into the 'Failed President' mantra..   Mr. President, keep up the good work !

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Now the headline says it all we are living in bizarre world banks don't want legal pot money. Their reasoning being they could run afoul of Federal drug laws but being a duffel full of money say it's from your all cash pig business that's okay. You realize what this means banks are really just organized crime syndicates Prizzi's Honor a slice of reality.

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Ih have to wonder about extreme groups and their choice of names with initials that are questionable. First ISIS now almost on the other side of the world. In the Philippines we have MILF Moro Island Islamic Liberation Front or something like that to get the initials.

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It's been awhile since I posted this I have been in a bit of a funk working it out getting back to regular. All I can say it's a good week to start the trek back it's like a blast from the past. The subjects are from the past but the comments and lack of logic are a little different. The Feds are going to invade Texas to comic book characters coming out of the closet is the end. Of course nut job doesn't mention the female Thor and Lesbian Batwoman or the Black Captain America so you kind of know where his mind is stuck.

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Now does anyone see the not real part of this story? It's very simple if you think about how the operation would work. If done during the day easy it would be seen at night how would the load of contraband be collected. Of course now if it was a stealth drone you wouldn't have to worry. Though if you had a stealth drone what the hell are you doing using it to drop contraband to inmates. The money the government would give you makes the profit from contraband flights less than chump change. KA-Chink.

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I had been seeing this story with never with all of what happened. Now I got the facts and when did firing over your shoulder become not reckless. Not only that but all people shot at had their backs to the shooter. That brings the self- defense claim he thought he was in danger from someone with a gun. If no one is walk or turned toward you how are you threatened. Like in Alice's Restaurant this is just another case of blind justice.

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The internet is not a Honda and yup don't always meet the nicest people.

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Since the first century after the death the turn of the century or millennium there have been prophets who claim the end is nigh. On the New Year's of the millennium the Pope had a midnight mass to welcome the return. So here we are 1,015 years later and it continues. Now before the prophets of doom disappeared after 4 or 5 years but due to the technology of the media they are still babbling.
Now realize if a white Republican had been elected in '08 or 12' this would not be happening  because the rich would still be stealing from the poor. Along with stealing from the government and blaming all social programs or as they so cynical call them entitlements.
Just to be truthful the stuff about the mass is what I was told and have never checked it's truth. The rest is my opinion and and since we all have that and something else rate it thusly.

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Now as I listened and occasionally watching not the bring fire down from heaven but the foundations of America are based in Judeo-Christian religion. It took a second till I realized it's the exact opposite the foundation is Anti J-C religion because to be a country based on a religion other religions must be restricted. To base it on no state religion and all others are welcome it definitely is not J-C religion friendly. It is equality for all not one above or better than the other_democracy.
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