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my first attempt on acting :) too immature but still I learned something new ^_^

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Heart is one organ of many One of many to keep alive One which is pumps pounds and breaks Pumps on ECG ,moving like rollar coaster Speaks our mortality Heart pounds without dollar every other time One when it sees young beautiful rose Learning to love deepl...

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WE used to be friends I am alone We used to have fun I am dying alone We used to have time I am eternal We used to have life I am lifeless block We used to stand strong I am fighting We were together I am LOST -Pooja Sanandia

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Mocking the show of lame grace Given by goddess Vengeance of day is taken on soft hide lunacy to grab that souvenir Showering the droll of delicacy Fidgeting with its silk cloth Showcasing natural vestige of self esteem Moving those hands in mere desperatio...

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Daunting doubts appear Due to change in attitude Of weather upon EARTH Showing cracks in soiled frame Everything in transparent blue As it shed million drops in vast ocean Craving for hunger of picturesque EARTH Where nothing seems right Everything is under...

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Daughters of time Playing with your fate Shining with greedy smile Scorning those lazy dumbheads Knocking at eyelids Wake up I wish to kiss your retina Capturing million pictures of life and death I wish to hug your proud soul Realising its too strong as gl...

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Case of life Everyone's biding on your happiness and sadness Gamble of life is ON Your sweat is your payment Your pain is your proof of living Your cry is your belief YES I am not alone Every soul is beggar rumbling and fighting Every devil sits from above ...

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DEVIL (poem)
I am a devil I am having charm for filthy brains I pray on human weaknesses I am comrade of greed, hunt and lust Voracity to acquire wealth Hound to acquire power Lust to acquire pleasure I can live alone with my master-Hades But nobody can feign their surv...

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