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Mysql Enterprise Backup verison 3.11 New Feature - Optimistic Backup
A quick post.  I have also been looking at MEB 3.11 (we currently use
3.10).  There is a new feature called ‘Optimistic Backup’.  This
feature maybe worth considering as it allows you to specify tables (or a time)
that most tables were not changed during th...

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MySQL Enterprise Backup, Using Incrementals
As an experiment I have been testing MySQL Enterprise Backuip (MEB) and incremental backups.   The idea was to test backing up a multi terabyte database.   The plan was to test using incremental backups to try and get the backup time more manageable.  First...

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Oracle Upgrade plan to
I have recently been working on a project to upgrade to 12c. All of our UAT and PRODUCTION system are RAC so we need to upgrade GI and the DB. We are currently at version with a few extra patches installed.  With premier support ending in Jan 2015,...

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Transportable Tablespaces 5.7
In MySQL 5.7 transportable tablespaces works at a partition level: alter table <table> discard partition <partition> tablespace; a lter table <table> import partition <partition> tablespace; This is the source database. root [(none)]> create database arcdat...

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Oracle Issue running clusterware with database
Recently been tasked with planning an upgrade from to After the upgrade I  needed to install another database so the cluster had two databases. Oracle Cluster = Oracle Database = So I ran dbca from the Oracle Database ho...

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Mysql Dump and partitions
Recently I was looking at archiving tools.  We finally got an agreement to keep a smaller subset of data available as long as could restore more if required. The main tools we use are MEB and mysqldump. So I created a partition table and populated it: CREAT...

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Oracle 12c RAC Installation on Red Hat 6
Once all the   checks are complete run runcluvfy to ensure
components are installed. During an install of Oracle 12cR1
RAC Grid Infrastructure on Red Hat or CentOS 6.2, 6.3 or 6.4, you run the script to test node
readiness and it fails with the...

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MySQL 5.6 parameters
Been performing a few upgrades from 5.5 to 5.6.   It is general a straight forward process but I wanted to get some information about the MySQL 5.6 parameters. My Quick Upgrade Path Take backup of database(s) Take a backup of the my.cnf Stop the application...

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Oracle....the small things
I have been neglecting my blog recently and decided to devote a page to some of the small things I have done.   They are not necessarily about how something works instead some are showing syntax and others useful things.  Also this is a reminder for myself ...

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Silent Install of the 11gR2 Oracle Client failing
Surprising error whilst performing a silent error installing Oracle. Using paramFile: /home/oracle/Oracle/client/install/oraparam.ini Checking Temp space: must be greater than 120 MB.   Actual 2225807 MB    Passed Checking swap space: must be greater than 1...
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