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I like fixing the numbers
I like fixing the numbers

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Public health or public shaming
This seems like a pretty innocent infographic. It is trying to communicate how Canada is doing in preventing and managing diabetes. Here is the tweet Canada is average in care for #diabetes but behind peer countries in preventing the disease #CDNhealth http...

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Adding a little Usain Bolt to SPRINT
The SPRINT trial was a home run. The study showed compelling data that lowering blood pressure dramatically below what we were previously targeting was both well tolerated and yielded huge benefits to patients. Now there are  some questions to the method of...

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Busy Friday at St John
When the Chief Resident calls you up and asks for two lectures in one day I say "Yes sir!" I did the World's Greatest Potassium Lecture at 8:00 AM. Keynote Then I did Getting started in social media for doctors at noon. Keynote

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Tricks of the trade: How to insert a tweetstream into a Keynote presentation
If you are doing a talk on social media there will be moment when you want to show a Twitter chat or Storify on a slide. This can be tricky to do quickly. Here is one technique that I use. Inserting a Storify (or Tweet Stream) into a Keynote presentation fr...

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We are fighting multiple myeloma one step up the mountain at a time
We are Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma (MM4MM) Yes, I get that it makes no sense but neither does " Race for the Cure ." But today in order to raise money to advance science we need to do dramatic feats of physical exertion. I am going to the bottom o...

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Polycythemia and a Horseshoe kidney
This is a reported complication. Nice review of polycythemia, with full text:  Current applications of therapeutic phlebotomy Mention of this complication in a textbook of hematology. Patients with Horseshoe Kidneys have increased risk of renal cell carcino...

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FERE: Fractional excretion of random electrolytes
Magnesium: 142 controls: 1.8% (range 0.5-4%) 74 hypomagnesemic Extra-Renal origin 1.4% (range 0.5-2.7%) Renal origin 15% (range 4-48%) Authors conclusion: >4% per cent is indicative of inappropriate renal magnesium loss Fractional excretion of magnesium in ...

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Renal Physiology You Tube Videos
I'm trying to collect some you tube videos for med students. Send me your favorites. No hour long lectures. Only looking for lessons that are shorter than 10 minutes. This was good. I like this one I'm a Ruz fan. Competerized 3-D model serves no purpose. Ju...

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We live in the future
Yesterday, the consult team was evaluating a patient in the ICU and I asked to see the x-ray. A fourth year medical student started scrambling with his iPad to bring up the image. After about 15 seconds he apologized for how slow it was and then a few secon...

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Big anion gap. Big knowledge gap.
I just saw one of the biggest anion gap of my life and I don't know the cause. Worse yet, the patient had this occur a few months ago, also with no explanation. So I want to figure out what is going on before admission number three. Patient presented to the...
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