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Andrew Durston
Senior Technical Lead in Mission Systems
Senior Technical Lead in Mission Systems

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H11 complete - #ancientaltar and perhaps #tinyrooms - lots of (S)ecret doors. :)

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I'm in - how about you?

Calling for collaborative dungeon participants!

We'd love to have your help filling out a map of 21x21 tiles. You draw* a tile knowing only what already exists immediately adjacent. Each tile is only 50' by 50' to keep the per-tile commitment low.

Join our Community (, we'll get you hooked up with permission to edit docs in our folder (, read the how-to, then you can start checking tiles out, drawing them, and marking them complete!

* Drawing means whatever you like. You can draw it by hand, do it in B&W or color, do it on a PC, or even use the Google Drawing interface. Mixed-media collage would be rad as long as it looks like a dungeon, and can be digitized to fit the map!
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Map and Story Block 2
Good evening everyone, Continuing our series developing a world a 5 mile square block at a time, we
bring you: Block 2 Scale: 1 square = 1/2 mile Further south the Sparkling River runs adjacent to a forest known as the Gnutty Forest. It is named for one Al...

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Map and Story Block 1
Good evening everyone, Heleen ( and I are beginning a series of posts developing a world a 5 mile square block at a time. Heleen provides the initial inspiration. I draw a map and then Heleen will build a story of the ...

Any companies sell a small hex-graph notebook like a MiquelRius M(R)4? 3 in. x 4 in. or thereabouts? Spiral bound or perfect bound.

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2017 Logo if someone cares to update the group:


Thoughts on 2nd edition? Worth getting the upgrade packs?

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Hex 20.17:

Hex 20.17 Key

A – Mines and Quarries
B – Haunted Foothills

1 – 4 Ancient Watchtowers
2 – Shipwreck Isle

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Hex 21.18:

Hex 21.18 Key

A – (o) – Logging Camps

1 – Village of Hardby
2 – The Forgotten Shrine
3 – The Old Watchtower
4 – Chaos Camp


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From my way back machine ... Back in the 80s, I started GMing by converting most of the DQ modules/adventures to Rolemaster. In some cases I did my own versions of the maps. Just ran across this version of Aestus' isle from Blade of Allectus (almost 30 years old!) [Sorry for the photo - too big to scan here at home ... ]

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