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Cappadocia, 2014
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Anyone used any mood or habit tracking apps? Interested in tracking a bunch of general metrics about my life - physical and mental health, habits and 'life to-do' status. Not sure on benefit of the available apps over simple spreadsheet.

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Guatemala unedited
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<a class="ot-hashtag" href="">#hangoutsonair</a>rita pacheco, Marilena Laddaga, and Natali Arslan

I'm looking for programming tutorials: I want to download the entire resource (tutorial, documentation, etc.) and utilities to learn offline on the train #python #scala #golang?

Or anything else interactive and interesting.

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LinkedIn hacked.

I'm finding LinkedIn pretty useless these days for finding interesting people or conversations to engage with.

Anyone using it for anything interesting, outside of finding office-jobs in big cities?

OHAI Google Plus.

What's going on over here?

I got sucked into Facebook and the twitters and real life.

Would love to hear from G+ people that I haven't been in contact with for a while, or even if I have :)

Is G+ still working for you? What's new here, and with life in general?

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Quick Tip: Enable the Single-Column Stream Layout for that "Classic" Look

The new Google+ introduced a multi-column layout for the stream. If you're not a fan, there's a quick fix to return to a single-column.
Find out more:
#googleplustips   #newgoogleplus  
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