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Tracy Fischer
26-year-old endometriosis fighter
26-year-old endometriosis fighter

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I'm Not Sad. I'm Depressed.
When we last spoke, I left a cryptic post on Still Sunflowers' Facebook page , saying that I was taking a brief break to manage some personal things. You're probably wondering what those "personal things" were. At the time I posted that, my mom was rushed t...

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Why Endometriosis Matters on International Women's Day
If you clicked on this blog post, you probably already know that today is International Women's Day. But you may not be aware that March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. I appreciate that the two intersect today. As I've reflected today on feminism and wha...

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My Best-Laid Plans
My entire life, I have always been a planner. In college, I'd have brief anxiety attacks if I couldn't find my day planner. I wrote out everything I needed to do, to the hour. I'd lose my mind if my friends couldn't tell me the exact time we were hanging ou...

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Vulnerability and Presence
Sick Girl Club So the photo above represents the past few (crappy) weeks of my life.  About two weeks ago, endometriosis handed me a horrible bout of menstrual cramps, which have been weird to adjust to. Up until my surgery in November, I had been on contin...

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I Was Healthy Until I Wasn't
health care story isn’t necessarily dramatic. I don’t have cancer. I’m
not disabled. I’m not dying. And I’m not in danger of those things any
time soon, hopefully. But I think that’s what makes my story compelling — how ordinary it is, how easily it h...

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Built on Hope
I'm certain Bowie left this shirt for me after he passed... (Fair warning: This will be an exceptionally nerdy blog post because I really. really love Star Wars.) So Saturday was the two-year anniversary of me being diagnosed with endometriosis - my endo-ve...

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I pretty much wanted to show off my new gym shoes. Approximately three weeks after my surgery, I emerged the cave that is my home, shriveled in the sunlight and trudged to the gym. I was anxious to get back, and not only because my in-laws gave me a sweet e...

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I'm Not Afraid of You
It's a little early to be thinking about 2017. But maybe because I'm so anxious for the disaster that is 2016 to be over, I've already started planning parts of next year. Instead of a New Year's resolution, like many people make and often break, I create m...

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A Second Surgery
Giant hands again This week, I had the unique pleasure of having surgery the day after Election Day. (I will reserve my comments on that for a later blog post.) If you've followed my journey for a while, you'll know my first surgery (the one that diagnosed ...

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Another Time, Another Place
I was going to wait a few days to write this, but I can't get it out of my head, so I guess I'll write everything out right now. So basically, if you're not interested in reading this entire post, I'm going in for my second surgery on Nov. 9 - just a month ...
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