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a dedicated helper to anyone in need
a dedicated helper to anyone in need

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guys, im looking to see if this thing is real, i dunno kinsa nnyo pud nag try ani before, i want to know if it worked for you guys and kung nka earn ba jud mo, (and by that i mean, ndawat jud nnyo ang inyong earnings bah or are they just numbers u got excited on but never recieved it)

according sa thing kai you guys just have to click on the link for me to "earn" daw... i guess you could click it multiple times to help out if you like. remember, im skeptical about this so its really up to you if mu apil mo or not coz i dunno kung mka earn ba jud ani or not.. anyway, just click the link and hopefully mka help jud. thanks guys

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day 1 in google+, slowly learning the ins and outs of this social network, or if you can call it that. still getting used to the interface and what im actually supposed to do here. learning how to look for and add friends and meet new people who are using google+ as well...   

and i just found out that i need to place in recipients and can't just post right away like facebook... but i guess facebook has already been preset to public as recepients, hehe, oh well
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