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Hey, #Greenville, is your home ready to look great this winter? Follow a few tips from us to make your home stand out during the cold months!

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Don't let the home building process overwhelm you. Follow our 18 simple but essential steps to completing the home of your dreams. #homebuilding   #customhomes  

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Do you know how to estimate the cost of a custom home? It might be more complicated than you think. Take a look at our latest post for helpful hints on pricing out your dream home. #homedesign   #homebuilding  

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The market isn't ideal, but at least Greenville is moving in the right direction.

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Most Popular Custom Home Upgrades

Our customers customize many aspects of the homes we build for them. Here's a list of the most popular upgrades and a list of a few of our standard features that don't cost extra. What would you upgrade?

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Customers ask us all the time, "What are your most popular floor plans?" We've compiled a list of the most popular home floor plans of the 45 we offer. Keep in mind they're all customizable.

Which one is your favorite?

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Our Columbia, SC office compiled a list of a few of their favorite things about the city.

Have you been? What did you love about Columbia?
Facts, History & Things To Do in Columbia, SC

We've assembled a list of interesting facts, some brief history, and a few fun things to do in Columbia, SC. What are some of your favorite things about our "Famously Hot" city?

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Down Payments, Construction Loans, & Closing Costs Explained

Financing the construction of a new home works a little bit differently than financing the purchase of an existing home. Here we've explained the three major costs: down payments, construction loans, and closing costs.

The best news, when you build with Madison Homebuilders, you don't pay any of these costs. Learn more!

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Explore these fun facts about Charlotte, NC.
Fun Facts About Charlotte, NC

We compiled a short list of fun facts about our great city! What are some of your favorite things about Charlotte?

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We couldn't agree more! Great infographic!
Trying to decide between Greenville and Charleston?  Look at this Greenville vs. Charleston infographic!

#greenvillesc   #charlestonsc  
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