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Here's some piggy choromosomes - cuties. (I snapchatted them) So I thought I’d join up these last two
weeks, mostly because Week 5 was pretty much a repeat of the previous week
(and, like in Week 4, the probes didn’t work – trying them again this week so
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Started off the week a bit differently by
heading up to the tissue culture lab to do some nanodropping. Basically,
there’s this really fancy bit of kit where you drop a bit of your DNA sample
onto a tiny glass bubble and bish bash bosh a posh graph appears ...
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Another week upon my quest to become the
Media Queen! (It’s actually going quite well). Started out the week by banging
out a few Falcons of Piggy IVM media not only faster than before, but
remembering that they live in the fridge (as opposed to the incubat...
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Another week in the lab!!
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What a busy busy week! (But also a really
cut up and inbetweeny one). No ovaries this week because of the lab away days but there are loads coming next week so a
lot of my time was spent making media (or cacking it up as the case may be) and
learning a bit ...
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WEEK 1 This summer I have been given the
opportunity to spend 8 weeks working in the Griffin Lab at the University of
Kent working on Pig IVF and embryo sexing thanks to the Biochemical Society
summer studentship (woohoooo science!). After already spending ...
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