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+David Bennett posted in interesting question - How has social changed since  #Edsocial  started?

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#Edsocial  is tomorrow! Who's coming along? Remember to bring examples of fails and wins!

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Look familiar?
Technology is frequently changing...
how we are introduced to the changes matters!

Take a look at this video that pokes fun at some of the frequent updates on Facebook. We get lots of subtle changes over here on Google+ as well, but I think that the way Google+ rolls them out tends to be a bit less traumatic.

What do you think?
How do you deal with the frequent updates to the tools you use?
Do you think we will be seeing some new updates come our way on G+ soon because Google I/O is just around the corner?
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#Fun   #SocialMediaWars   #Facebook  
via: someone that may want to remain nameless ㋡

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All you need to know about the new XBOX One
Best summary of the XBOX One reveal.

OK This is cool. You can reply to G+ messages right in the Gmail conversation view. and if you hit ? you get a list of keyboard shortcuts. Who knew! via +Allan Lloyds 

So for the next #EdSocial  I want to talk about #Socialmedia   #fails  can we curate a list of why they failed and what we would have done if we were the community managers.

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Shh don't tell anyone but Nicola Sturgeon just added me to her circles? umm eh?
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